How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation| Fort Lauderdale Girl's Trip

Hey Guys! I recently returned from a girl’s getaway with my sister to Fort Lauderdale Florida and wanted to share some pictures as well as tips on how to pack light but effectively! Make sure to follow my Instagram HERE to see our amazing pictures as well as pictures of my future trips! Hint Hint…

My sister and I have never gone on a vacation just the 2 of us so we decided to go somewhere tropical, inexpensive and “close.” Now when I say close I mean within a 2-3 hour plane ride since we live in Ohio. Fort Lauderdale is perfect because it is a change of pace from Miami or Orlando but one can still get inexpensive and quick flights from almost anywhere in the country. We actually stayed in the city Lauderdale by the Sea which is a more relaxed small town vibe. We loved it! We stayed at this BEAUTIFUL Mexican themed motel that only had about 13 rooms and each one had a kitchen, courtyard and was poolside! I HIGHLY recommend it and you can find out more information about it HERE.

This area is perfect for a couple, a family, or just some friends if you are looking for a relaxing, quiet vacation. I wouldn’t recommend Lauderdale by the Sea if you are looking for nightlife, clubs, or a ton of restaurants. Overall the trip was awesome and I didn’t want to come home!

My sister and I chose to fly a budget friendly line since we are budget girls and the flight was only 2 hours long. When flying budget many of those lines charge for every little thing. The airline we flew allows each person a free personal item which can be a backpack or purse but charges for a carry on suitcase or a checked bag. Our airline was cheaper for a checked bag so we shared 1 suitcase to save money then stuffed as much as we could in 2 backpack/laptop bags. The nice thing about tropical vacations is that the clothing you pack can be minimal and lightweight. I also recommend checking a bag versus carrying on because you can get away with packing bigger liquids if needed.

So with all that said here are some tips I learned from this trip!

1.       Pack light! My sister and I were in Florida for 5 days and 4 nights and tried to pack an outfit for each day and night. This was a HUGE waste of space and time. We ended up just wearing the same bathing suit cover-up everyday so we didn’t need the other 2 that we packed. I usually just bring a maxi dress as a cover up that is lightweight so it can dry overnight either in your room or outside. Also, I packed 3 pairs of shoes ad only ended up wearing 2. I always wear tennis shoes on the plane so those weren’t in my suitcase but I packed a pair of flip flops for the beach and “nicer” sandals for at night. I never wore the nicer sandals because I wore long dresses every night so you never saw my feet. My sister packed a few pairs of nice sandals and never wore them so my advice is if you need to bring a pair make sure they can match all of your outfits. Also on the lighter note, you don’t need to pack all your makeup. Whenever I go on vacations especially if I am going to be in the water or outside a majority of the time I try to give my face a break from makeup. I only usually pack eyeliner and waterproof mascara. I don’t wear this in the water but I do wear it out at night to make me look a bit more alive. But don’t forget your skincare!


2.       Multiple use items. Since we were staying at a motel on the beach we were obviously going to the beach every day and needed a bag to pack water, sunscreen, towels, and other necessities. Our room also had a full kitchen so to save money we would eat breakfast and lunch inside it. So I brought a large sturdy canvas tote with me in my backpack that we could not only use as a beach bag but also to lug groceries to and from the store. It came in handy and once folded up it didn’t take up much space at all! Check out my top picks for beach bags below.

3. More bags. Speaking of bags, I would NOT recommend bringing a huge purse you use every day at home or a clutch. I usually bring my trusty Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag since it is the PERFECT color, shape and size to wear during the day or at night. Also it goes with EVERYTHING! When I fly I just tuck it into my backpack and pull it out at my destination. It is a serious lifesaver! Check out my favorite cross body bags below. I also recommend for designer bags sent straight to your door every month! You can get your first bag for only $36 with code “BAG20” HERE. I am getting the cutest cross body from them and can’t wait to show you!

4.       Money. Whenever I travel out of state I ALWAYS make sure to call my credit card companies to let them know where I will be and when. You don’t want to be away from your bank and have your card be declined or put on a hold because they think your activity is “suspicious”. I also always bring a lot of cash that way I can leave tips at restaurants, in Ubers, and also not have to swipe my card. It also helps you keep track of exactly how much extra you are spending and makes you double think your purchases. During our trip my sister and I only spent extra money on food and drinks. We didn’t buy any unnecessary souvenirs or impulse buys because they would have gone to waste. We ended up saving a ton of money! Also if you want to save more money and are of age make sure you go to Happy Hour at restaurants! Usually this is from 5-7 and drinks are a reduced rate so you can order a couple (or more, no judging) and sip on them while you eat and people watch and save some cash!

5.       Have fun! The last tip I have is to enjoy yourself! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to pack everything from home and also trying to look cute and put together every day. You are on vacation! Try to relax, unwind, pamper yourself and even unplug! Your hair, skin, and soul will thank you!


P.S Don’t forget the sunscreen and water!


What is a traveling tip you like to use? XOXO