What's in My Hospital Bag| First Time Mom Essentials


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share what I am packing for myself and Baby Boy for the hospital. I will be doing an updated post on what I actually ended up using as well. If I forgot anything important please let me know in the comments below. As I am writing this I am 36 weeks pregnant and 1 1/2 cm dilated! My doctor and I are both guessing he will come about 2 weeks early which is crazy!


My Husband and I decided we are taking a carry on for me, a backpack or duffel for him and a tote bag for my pumping supplies. I will link as many of the exact products below as possible just in case you are interested in anything.

I will also have a video on my Instagram Stories under “Baby Things” showing me packing my bags and more in depth information about everything so check out my Instagram HERE.


We don’t plan on really taking anything for the baby since the hospital provides everything so we are leaving his diaper bag at home. I have also heard to bring an extra empty canvas bag and folder to take home all the supplies from the hospital you can (you pay for them so take everything) and to keep all the paperwork you get inside.



I didn’t end up packing my husband’s bag (he did it himself) but it basically includes clothes, blankets, pillow, chargers and toiletries. Nothing special.

I have also heard to bring snacks for you both just in case the kitchen is closed as well as gum, mints to suck on and change for vending machines.

Let me know if there is anything essential that I forgot! XOXO Channing