Designer Dupes from Amazon Prime! | Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, and More!


Hey Guys!

I am addicted to shopping on Amazon. I love that you can pretty much get anything in 2 days and the prices are always so inexpensive! I love curling up on the couch after a long day and just browsing through what Amazon has to offer. I also love Designer items! I have gotten a couple designer dupes off of Amazon over the years and am genuinely happy with all of them!

I have included my latest Designer Inspired finds I have found on Amazon ranging from shoes, to bags to belts. I am definitely purchasing a few to add to my wardrobe. Please keep reading to see what I have found and please keep in mind that Amazon prices change all the time and products go out of stock alot. At the time of me posting this, all products are under $50 and available.


Gucci Inspired Slides: These come in 4 colors and are perfect for slipping on this summer. I think the white ones would look so cute by the pool or on the beach. Shop HERE.

Cartier Inspired Love Bracelet: This bracelet comes in Gold and Rose Gold and comes with a screwdriver just like the real thing. Shop HERE.

Fendi Inspired Slides: These slides come in 3 different colors and there is also a Gucci Inspired option. These are the perfect slide option that can be dressed up or down. Shop HERE.

Chanel Inspired Belt: This belt is so chic and I want to pick it up for after baby. I love the gunmetal color of the metal. Shop HERE.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Key and Card Holder: I have this in the monogram print and love it. A key holder has been perfect for organizing all my keys and it looks so chic. Shop HERE.

Hermes Inspired Sandals: Another great summer option. These come in 2 colors and I want to get the white color to go with sundresses and maxi dresses. Shop HERE.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Tote Bag: This comes in 3 different colors. I have the Neverfull in the Monogram and it is such a versatile bag that I love to use for many different occasions. Shop HERE.

Tory Burch Inspired Earrings: These earrings also come in Gucci and Hermes inspired versions. I think Tory Burch is such a classic logo and these would look so cute dressed up or down. Shop HERE.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Belt: This belt is such a classic to add to any wardrobe and I love that it comes in 4 sizes. I am thinking of picking this up for after baby. Shop HERE.

Gucci Inspired Belt: This belt comes in 3 different sizes. I have it in the skinny style as well as the thicker style. Before I was pregnant I wore them all the time. I think they are trendy but also can jazz up any outfit and make it look chic. Shop HERE.

Chanel Inspired Espadrilles: These come in 4 colors and I love the pearl details. I have a pair of these without the pearls and love wearing them in the spring and summer. Shop HERE.

Let me know what your favorite finds are on Amazon! I am always on the hunt for those hidden gems!

XOXO Channing