Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share my latest Fashion Subscription box with you from Daily Look Elite Box! You can get your first box for only $30 HERE with code “channing10” and that $30 is a credit towards future purchases! But I will explain more about that in a second. This is my second box and just like the first I wasn't disappointed. Check out my unboxing video below as well as outfit ideas. 

Daily Look Elite Box is a monthly fashion box that sends 7-11 clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, or accessory pieces a month straight to your door! You then have 5 days to try everything on in the comfort of your own home and keep what you like and send back what you don’t! Shipping is FREE both ways. You then pay for the items you keep (that is where the $30 credit comes into play) and they even give you discounts when you buy multiple items.

When you first sign up you take and in depth survey so you can be matched up with a personal stylist! The survey of course takes into account your sizes but also gets into body parts you would like to show off, fits you enjoy, individual body shapes, colors you prefer and even events that you have coming up! I loved how in depth the survey is! After you fill this out you are able to control when your box will come each month! Which is awesome! I was going on vacation last month so I made sure my box came while I was home. About a week before your box is sent out your stylist will send you a link to everything you are getting. You can choose whether or not to peek. I choose to peek because if there is something you don’t want than you can let your stylist know what you would prefer before the box is sent out. This month everything looked great so I OKed all of the items. 

Once you pick out the items that you would like to keep you then return to your Daily Look profile and let the stylist know which items you kept and returned and why, how each item fit on you and fit with your style and also comments and another place for you to let her know of any events or items you are interested in adding to your collection. You than attached the pre-paid shipping lapel back to your clothing and put it straight in the mail. Super Easy!

See the pictures throughout this post to find out how I styled the items I kept. I loved the variety sent this month. 


Subscribe to Daily Look Elite Box HERE for only $30 with code “channing10”.

What is your favorite clothing piece in your closet currently? XOXO

June Ivory Clasp Unboxing and Reveal + COUPON CODE!| Purse Subscription

Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you the purse I received this month from Ivory Clasp! If you don't know, Ivory Clasp is a purse subscription service that can send you a new bag each month or every other month for only $45! If you use the code "BAG20" HERE you can get your first bag for only $36! 

Ivory Clasp is great because they focus on quality bags and always send you a bag worth over $100! All their bags look and feel like leather but are vegan leather! When you sign up you fill out your style profile to let them know what kind of bags to send. I prefer more structured neutral colored bags and haven't been disappointed yet! I am in LOVE with my blush bag!

Don't forget to use code "BAG20" HERE to get your first bag for only $36!

Ivory Clasp Unboxing and Reveal!| Purse Subscription Service


Hey Guys!

Today I have an exciting unboxing for you from Ivory Clasp! Ivory Clasp is a purse subscription service that sends you a new bag to keep every month or every other month for $45! If you are a bag lover like myself I think this is perfect for you! Check out my unboxing video of my bag down below as well as more information about the service as well as shots of my new purse! Use code “BAG20” HERE for 20% off your subscription!

Ivory Clasp is awesome because you can take a quiz telling the stylists all about what you like and what you don’t like and they will match you with the perfect bag! I was curious to see what type of bag they would send me so I went on and took the quiz and found that the questions were really great at showing the stylist what kinds of shapes, colors, and types of bags you like. I was super impressed that the bag I received was one that I would buy myself but we will get to that in a second. Once you submit the quiz Ivory Clasp’s In House Stylists get to work combing through their inventory of the latest purses in order to find your perfect one!

Another great thing about Ivory Clasp is that it isn’t a “rental” company so you don’t pay $45/month and pay more to either keep the bag or send back for another. You keep every bag that comes to you without paying extra and shipping is FREE! They also ship internationally for a small fee. I also love that they use CURRENT season’s bags and up and coming designers. They have some name brand bags but they focus more on sending out a great quality bag versus a name brand bag. They also guarantee each bag is worth over $100! They also make sure that all of their bags are vegan friendly!

The bag I received is a beautiful rich chestnut bag from With 212. It has more of a structured look which I am currently obsessed with so I was happy when I opened this up! I found it on their website and it retails for $138! It has 2 handles on top so I can hold it in the crook of my arm and also comes with a removable adjustable long strap so I can carry it cross body. I love when I can carry my bags 2 ways so this was a HUGE plus for me. The hardware on it is a nice shiny gold and feels sturdy and well made. It has 2 "key chain" or charm kind of details on the front with one that looks like it was inspired by a luggage tag and the other is more of a tab with the brand name on it again. I love these added details.The front of the bag has 4 panels each showing a different look. 1 is similar to suede, 1 is pebbled, 1 is crocodile like, and the other is smooth like the rest of the body. On the bottom are 4 purse feet which is nice. The zipper on top is super heavy duty and feels great. Inside there are 2 pockets on either side and the lining is a dark gray. I have been carrying a Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden bag for the past few months and the quality of my Ivory Clasp bag is on par or even slightly better! I can just tell by holding it and touching it that my bag is going to last a long time.

Overall I think if you are a bag lover like me that likes to switch up your style or bag every month or with every outfit I think Ivory Clasp is perfect for you! I also think the $45 a month or every other month price point is really great! Especially if you are getting such high quality items. I also think this would make a great gift to give to that fashion lover in your life who would rather pick out her items for her own style. She can take the quiz and then get a surprise every month! Don’t forget to use code “BAG20” HERE for 20% off your subscription!