Spring Home Decor Under $30!

Hey Guys! Happy Spring!

 I love to change up my décor depending on the holiday or season. Usually when people decorate, I feel that they do it for Halloween, Christmas, and then have the same things for the rest of the year. This may work for some people but I get bored quickly with my décor.

I like to keep my décor changing throughout the year whether it is small differences or major ones. In the spring/ Easter time I like to incorporate the classic florals and pastel colors. I feel this brings a fresh start to the season and pushes out the dark colors of winter. I found a cute flower sign at my local thrift store and hang it on my door so my guests feel the vibe from the start. I find that thrift stores are great for Holiday Décor as these are items people typically get rid of in bulk.

I also am a huge fan of throw pillows as I think this is an inexpensive way to update the look and feel of a room. I also change the centerpiece and accessories on my dining table. Currently I have a peacock table runner and vase with feathers but I might switch out the vase for another with faux flowers from the Dollar Tree.

Another thing I like to do to set the vibe is burn candles. When I say I am OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works you have no idea. I go there about once a month, usually with my mom, for their 2 for $24 sale and get the season's newest scents. My favorites for spring are light florals with a fruity sweet scent mixed in. My husband like what I call "laundry" or clean scents so I also burn these as well to give the air a fresh smell.

Another way I prepare my décor for spring is by simply opening the blinds. Now that winter is moving out and the sun is coming through I like to let as much natural light in as possible. I also like to crack the windows when it is warmer to let in fresh air and a breeze. These simple tricks really help the mind and body especially if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder like many people do.

Let me know what your favorite spring decorating tips are. I would love to hear them!

XOX Chan