Aspyn Ovard Unboxing | Fall Back to School


Hey Guys!

Today I am Unboxing another Aspyn Ovard Box. This is a seasonal/quarterly box. The smaller size which is what I get goes for $15+ Shipping and Handling. There is also a larger box that goes for $49+ Shipping and Handling. This is a lifestyle box full of Aspyn's Favorite beauty, skincare, and home decor and fashion accessories. 

This season's theme was Back to School. Check out my video unboxing below as well as write up reviews of the products with links.

The first 2 items were sample sizes of Benefit They're Real Mascara and They're Real Mascara Primer. This is supposed to be used together to gain longer fuller lashes. The Primer is tinted brown so you could use it on more natural mascara days. I use both together and my lashes look full natural and don't clump together. 

The next sample I got was Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. This is just a tiny baby sample size and is natural and full of good products. It has a nice light mint flavor but I haven't noticed any whitening yet. This was nice to get to travel with but I would have liked a better sample than toothpaste. 

The next item is a baby size of the Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub. This is a good scrub because it isn't too abrasive but also feels like it gets rid of any dirt or makeup on the skin. I wish this size was a little bigger though. 

Next I got a bag of Goodie Girl Cookies in the flavor Quinoa Chocolate Chip. These are DELICIOUS! They are gluten free and full of good things so I didn't expect them to be good but I was wrong! I want to buy more! 

Next I got a pink Zing Anything Citrus Zinger. I have the full size version of this and love it! This is just a smaller version with a flip out straw. You can infuse your water with any citrus fruit using the bottom of the bottle. I love mine and recommend it to anyone who likes to drink lemon or other fruit waters. 

Next I got a Valley Cruise Press Sunset Snap Pin. This is a cool retro style pin of a hand holding a camera. Pins are very on trend at the moment so I will be putting mine on my new jean jacket. 

Next I got a full sized Palmer's Flip Balm lipbalm in the flavor watermelon. This is a lipbalm that is very similar to an EOS. This on has a top that flips over to reveal the product. This feels super moisturizing on the lips and I love the packaging. 

The final item I received was 1 skynICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel. I have not used this yet but the package says it de puffs in minutes and leaves eyes looking brighter and more awake! Who doesn't need that! 

Overall this box was a bit of a dud for me. It didn't pack the same punch as past boxes have. The samples were tiny and they only had 1 fashion/jewelry item. I won't be getting this one again. 

Let me know down below what box I should try next! XOX Chan

Aspyn Ovard Subscription Unboxing + Review! | Worth over $80!


Hey Guys!

Today I am unboxing and reviewing my Summer Aspyn Ovard box. This is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box that is $25 and has a high value in each box. There is also a bigger option for $49. Check it out HERE.

This month's box contains 10+ items of a great variety. I received her spring box a couple month's and it was awesome! Check it out HERE.

The first 2 items we received were full sized Zoya Nail Polishes worth $22 together. The first was a color called "Aspyn" that Aspyn created for her box. It is a neon coral color that is perfect for summer! It is going on my nails next! Check out my Instagram for nail pics HERE. I love Zoya polishes because the formula is long lasting and they are free of all the bad stuff. The other polish is a Glossy Top Coat from the Naked collection. This gives my nails amazing shine, dries quickly and stays shiny longer than other top coats. Check it out HERE.

The next item was a full sized Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara worth $16. This mascara has long fibers in it that are supposed to adhere to lashes to give them a longer look. Usually fiber mascaras have tiny fibers that are a bit messy when applied so I was intrigued that this one didn't. Unfortunatley I didn't like this. The fibers were lash length and didn't seem to stick to my lashes like tiny fibers do. My lashes didn't look much longer or fuller. Check it out HERE.

The next item was a Caolion HOT & COLD Pore Pack Duo (Deluxe) worth $8. This is a double pack of masks where one is used to exfoliate and deep clean while the other is used to hydrate. This product is a great concept. You apply the "warming" mask first for 5-10 minutes and then apply the "cooling" mask after for 5-10 minutes. Both went on super easy and rinsed off clean. I didn't notice any pore tightness or shrinkage but my face was super soft and smooth afterwards. Check it out HERE.

The first jewelry item in the box was a pair of gold Pineapple Stud Earrings worth $8. These are super cute and I love them! They aren't statement earrings but also aren't dainty. I like to wear them when my hair is up for a little quirky touch. I am not sure who makes them but they also didn't irritate my ears. Find similar HERE.

We also received a Kitsch Happy thoughts Vegan Leather Patch worth $6. This is an adhesive smiley face patch that can be put on technology, accessories, or clothing. I stuck mine on my laptop and it holds really well! Check it out HERE.

The next jewelry item was a gold Multi- Chain Anklet worth $8. This is a cool concept and would be awesome for a beach or beach wedding. I have no use for it at the moment but will hold onto it in case I need it one day.  Check out similar HERE.

We also received a Pineapple Ice Tray worth $7. This is so adorable! It is a bright yellow silicone pineapple shaped tray that makes ice cubes in the shape of pineapples. I already have a million ice cube trays so I am giving this to my sister. If I had kids I feel like this would be a fun thing for them. Check out similar HERE.

The final items in the box were 3 Crayola Markers and an Art Print Valued at $2. The print looks like the prints that are in adult coloring books. I probably won't be using it since adult coloring books give me anxiety so I will be passing this along to my sister.

We also receieved a $10 Gift Voucher to Buddy Scrub. This is a website that sells different body scrubs. I checked the prices and they seem to range from $12 to $18. I am not sure yet if I will be picking one up yet. Check them out HERE.

Overall I thought this box had a great variety of items and a great value. I am starting to like lifestyle boxes more and more since you get a mixture of home, beauty, and jewelry items.

What is your favorite subscription box?

XOX Chan