How to EARN and SAVE Money Online! | Shopping+ Surveys! (Free things Bonus!)

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to talk to you about how I earn money online whether through shopping or surveys and what you earn back from these sites! I highly recommend all of these sites as I have gotten the most out of each one.


  • Ebates: Ebates is a website that pays you a percentage of money back when you shop online through their website. The percentage varies by website and sometimes they have coupon codes on their site! The easy way for me to remember to use Ebates is I downloaded the bar icon so that whenever I am on a website that supports Ebates it notifies me by blinking in the bar. I then click it and once I place my order I automatically get the money back in my account. I have been using Ebates for 2 years and have earned a total of $17.36 so far. I don't shop that much online but it is nice to earn money back. You can cash out using a check that they send you.  Plus when you sign up you automatically get a $10 giftcard to a retailer of your choice! Sign up HERE


  • Coupon Cabin: This is the newest site to me but basically the same as Ebates. It gives you a percentage back for online purchases and also has coupon codes. This one doesn't seem to be linked to as many sites or give as great of a percentage back though. I do have this in my bar as well to notify me so sometimes I can double up with Ebates and Coupon Cabin. Also if the site doesn't take your coupon that Coupon Cabin gave you then Coupon Cabin will pay you back! I have only had this happen to me once. I have been using Coupon Cabin for 2 months. I have earned back $1.94. Sign up HERE


  • Honey and Honey Gold: This is also a website I put in my bar at the top of my screen. This one focuses mainly on coupons at checkout. When I am in the checkout screen it will light up if there is a code out. I will click it and then it will automatically insert any coupon code it can find and give me the one that saves the most money. I love it! Also if you sign up for Honey Gold it will earn you money back on your purchase as well. Not all purchases qualify for Honey Gold but it will let you know. I have been using Honey for 6 months. Sign up HERE


  • Ibotta: This is not a website but an App. I mainly use it when I grocery shop but I just recently discovered it can be used at clothing stores and restaurants! Basically it has almost every major retailer on it and if you buy an item from their store that is on the app they will give you money back for buying it! usually $.25 to $1.00 but I have seen some deals at up to $5! I shop at Giant Eagle so when I get home I go through the grocery items in the app and anything that I bought I will scan the barcode and earn the money back! It is linked to my Giant Eagle card so it knows if I actually bought the item. I also did this recently at Target and they just had me scan my receipt and I earned money back on detergent! I have been using Ibotta for 1 year. I have earned back $18.00. Sign up HERE


Earn Money and Stuff: (Free things)

  • Opinion Outpost: This is my #1 Survey sight! I have made a decent amount off of it and have also gotten a few products sent for me to try out. This is a website that sends you surveys based on your demographic. Usually they pay $.25-$20 and can last form 1 minute to an hour. They are always different. Some have videos, some are interactive, some are quick, and some are intense and in depth. Sometimes you will start a survey and after a few questions it will exit out and tell you that you didn't meet the demographic. This can be frustrating but there are so many other surveys. I have also had them send me hair care, toothpaste, makeup and other stuff to test and they will follow up and pay you. I have bought a bedroom set, a Michael Kors bag and many other things using the money I made from this website. It is awesome! I have been using this for 2 years. I have earned over $300. Sign up HERE:


  • Crowdtap: This is a website that you can earn money and free stuff from as well. Basically each month you take quick surveys that earn you points. Each survey is 1 question long. At the end of the month these points go into a drawing and you can earn giftcards! Usually these are $5-$10 Amazon giftcards but once I won a $25 Sephora giftcard! Because you earn points from each brand, you can earn multiple giftcards! I earned 3 in one month before! Crowdtap also sends you items to test such as hair care, makeup, skincare, and food. I love it! I have been using it for 5 years. I have earned over $100. Sign up HERE


Just free things:

  • Influenster: This is my favorite site to get free items. You don't have to fill out any surveys or anything. Basically this site matches you up with brands that are launching new products whether it be beauty, food, wedding, or kid related. If you fit what the company is looking for they will send you a "Voxbox" full of goodies and they are usually full sized! I focus mainly on beauty so I have gotten full sized YSL, Rimmel, Sally Hansen and other products. If you want to see some unboxings check out my Youtube. In order to keep receiving the items you must review the ones you get on your social media. I think it is so worth it. Sign up HERE


  • Ocotly: This is the most recent site I have signed up for. If you are a Youtuber I would recommend signing up. They send you products based on your channel to test out completely free! Also you can earn points towards an Amazon or Sephora giftcard! Sign up HERE

I hope this helped some of you earn some extra money or earn free products!


Let me know of any other sites you guys have used or heard of. Also, did you sign up for any of these??? XOX Chan