Shop my Instagram! || The Perfect Leopard Print Booties for Fall Feat. Just Fab


Hey Guys!

I recently partnered with JustFab to show you these perfect leopard print booties for Fall!

They are called the Shea Booties and come in a ton of colors!

Check out the link below to shop my Instagram Post and see all the perfect boots and booties that JustFab have to offer:


The Perfect Leopard Print T-Shirt from Amazon Under $20! | Shop My Look

Hey Guys!

Idk about you but I have been leopard OBSESSED lately! Leopard seems to be very on trend for the transition from summer to fall and I am not mad about it. I am also Amazon obsessed so when I saw a leopard print T shirt on Prime for under $20 I had to jump on it! I love that this shirt comes in 4 different leopard prints and even with my 8 month baby bump, it fits really well. I did size up to a medium so even after baby it would be a bit bigger and flowy. The shirt is so soft and I think it would look good with leggings, jeans, shorts, leather jackets or really anything! Shop my look below and let me know if you are as leopard obsessed as I am!




Leggings: HERE


Sunglasses: HERE

Sandals: HERE (Use code CHANNING15 for 15% off)

My Favorite Summer Maxi Dress Under $25!| Shop My Look!


Hey Guys!

Amazon has been my go to lately for inexpensive fashion items and this Maxi Dress did not disappoint! It is the perfect dress for hot summer days and a great transition into fall if you just throw a jean jacket on top. It comes in 9 colors and I am already eyeing a couple more to get. It does have slits down both sides which is nice for walking and not feeling tight on the legs. The straps are adjustable and I love to wear THESE nipple covers with dresses like these. I did size up to a Medium because I am taller, 5’8”, and if I went with my usual small i think the slits would hit too high on my leg. It is also bump friendly if you are pregnant like me but it is not maternity. Also did I mention it is under $25!?!?! Snag yours before it is gone! I am also linking the rest of my outfit (All from Amazon) See below.


Dress: HERE

Belt: HERE


Nipple Covers: HERE

The Perfect White Sneakers for Summer Under $50| Shop My Look


Hey Guys!

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing sundresses and maxi dresses in the summer. They are so comfortable and breezy and always look cute! I usually wear them with a cute pair of sandals, but lately I have been loving the trend of sneakers with dresses! I can’t pull off all sneakers in my opinion but I can pull off white ones ( I think). Cute little white sneakers just look so sporty but still nice with a dress. Plus they offer more support for walking around which is great if you want to be even more comfortable.

I have linked my latest look below that I wore to a cookout as well as some other white sneakers that I am obsessed with. All are under $50 which is also amazing.


P.S, my widget below might show some of the sneakers as being not white but if you click the picture it will take you to the white options. Many come in multiple colors which is awesome!

How do you feel about white sneakers?

XOXO Channing

Holiday Gift Guide| My Top Picks for Dogs| 2018

Hey Guys!

This year my Husband and I adopted the most AMAZING dog named Bruce! He has brought immense joy and happiness to our lives and we couldn’t imagine life without him. I have bought many items for him and I have included my FAVORITES in my Gift Guide below. I have tried them all and only recommend the best to you guys!Plus they all ship Amazon Prime! Let me know what top products you recommend for your Dog!


1. Stainless Steel Slow Feeder Bowl- I recently purchased this slow feeder bowl (comes with 2) for my dog and it has worked wonders for slowing him down and preventing bloat and gas. Most slow feeders on the market are bright colored and I liked how this one matched my stainless steel water bowl and doesn’t look like the typical slow feeder.



2. Organic Nose and Paw Balm- With the cold weather here, my dog’s paws have been dry and cracking so I wanted to find a natural way to moisturize them. I rub this on once or twice a week and his paw pads honestly become so soft! This not only helps protect against the cold but also heat and sand. I love that it is safe and non-toxic!



3. Tug of War Toy- My Dog LOVES tug a war and he is also a heavy chewer. I was on the hunt for a toy that would hold up to playtime plus this one is 100% non toxic and made in the USA! We have had this one for a few months now and so far it has held up to many hours of Tug A War.



4. Seat Belt Harness- My husband and I use these whenever we take our dog in the car. It hooks right onto his harness and helps to keep him in the backseat so he isn’t bothering us as we drive. He is still able to look out the window and in case we are in an accident it helps to keep him from flying anywhere.



5. Moisture Absorbing Mat- This mat has been a LIFESAVER for our home! It is made of super absorbent material so when my Dog has muddy or wet paws all he has to do is walk across the mat and it absorbs all the excess moisture so that he doesn’t track it through the house. I also love that it comes in many different sizes and colors.


Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get for Moms, Moms To Be and Mother in Laws!| 2018


Hey Guys!

I feel like Moms can be very hard to shop for because we all want to give them the world but can’t afford to! I know now that I am an adult I like to spoil my Mom with gifts that make her feel love and appreciated. She always tells me she would rather spend time with me but I like to give her gifts that she will use and that look beautiful! Bonus: All of the gifts above are from Target and Amazon! They are all super affordable and Mom will love them!

Platter: I know many Moms love to entertain and have beautiful kitchen items. I found this Personalized Slate Serving Tray and thought it was so beautiful! I love that you can add your Mom’s Initial and she can use to to serve when she entertains guests or it would be a great addition to a coffee table with a vase and candle. I just love how different the slate is and think it would fit with many decor options.

Purchase HERE.

Mug: I don’t know about you but my Mom is definitely a Boss Lady. What better way to show her how Boss like she is than getting her a mug that screams it loud and proud!

Purchase HERE

Basket: My Mom, Mother in Law, and myself, LOVE baskets! They are great to help organize and decorate every room of the house! Target has so many great options and I love the leather like handles on this one! I would but blankets or dog toys in it.

Purchase HERE

Wine Opener: Almost every Mom I know needs Wine! Last year I purchased an electric wine bottle opener for my parents and they love it! This one also comes with 2 stoppers for those nights when only 1 glass is needed (rare!) I love the sleek design as well!

Purchase HERE

Gloves: I know that gloves can be one of those “throw away” gifts that you give someone last minute but these gloves are GORGEOUS! I love the color blocking and the Sherpa trim! They would spice up any jacket while looking fashionable and keeping Mom’s hands nice and warm!

Purchase HERE

Mug Holder: Another things Mom’s love is Coffee! I can’t think of 1 Mom in my life that doesn’t need at least 1 cup to get her through the day! I love the rose gold details on this mug holder and it’s modern design. It comes in other colors but I thought the rose gold was feminine and beautiful just like Moms!

Purchase HERE

Robe: I feel like Moms always have a robe that is worn out. Mom’s always put others first so they never think about investing in their comfort. A luxurious robe is the perfect gift for any Mom whether she be a newbie or an old pro! Bonus: This one comes with a hood!

Purchase HERE

What's on My Amazon Christmas Wishlist| Holiday 2018


Hey Guys!
With the Holidays fast approaching I wanted to share my first Holiday Gift Guide with you! Now this one isn’t necessarily a gift guide but it is what’s on my Amazon Wish list! I figured it could give some inspo for either shopping for others or adding items to your own list!

Every year I usually make my list with Amazon because I constantly shop there and it is so easy to have everything I am asking for in 1 place! It is basically a registry for Christmas!

Check out my top picks and let me know what you are asking for this year!

  1. I am still in decorating mode for our house so I have been on the hunt for some wall decor to add to an already existing mirror in my Dining room. I have a white mirror so I wanted to get some modern white and brass wall sconces. Since My dining room also attaches to my living room which features brass accents, I figured these were perfect to add to the wall. Adding succulents will also add the perfect pop of green.

    Purchase HERE

  2. As someone who sits in front of a computer for 40+ hours a day and suffers from migraines I have been on the hunt for blue light canceling glasses. I have heard alot of great things about these kinds of glasses so I wanted to give them a try! I don’t wear glasses so I love that these can come with no magnification or you can get them to your perscription. They also have over 10 colors. I hope they help!

    Purchase HERE

  3. +7. I plan on reorganizing my beauty room this year so I found some nice inexpensive organizing drawers and towers to add to my vanity. I love the circular one for skincare or taller bottles and the drawers are good for oranizing mascaras, lipsticks, and palletes.

    Purchase 3 HERE. Purchase 7 HERE

  4. I am a camo fanatic so when I saw this comfy zipup with camo details I knew I had to add it to my wish list! If you aren’t into camo it also comes in 10 other colors and goes up to size XXL!

    Purchase HERE

  5. I have seen basically every blogger I follow post about these thermal tie front tops. They come in 5 colors and can also be worn un-buttoned as a cardigan. I want every color.

    Purchase HERE

  6. I sit at a desk job 40 hours a week and I also suffer from bad posture due to spinal issues. I use a rolled up towel at the moment for lumbar support but wanted something that looked nicer, stayed in place, and provides more support. This memory foam lumbar support has high ratings and looks super comfortable. Purchase HERE

Fall Transition OOTD| Striped Boyfriend Tee

Resized_AirBrush_20180903181716_5704 (1).jpeg

Hey guys! I wanted to share my latest fall transition outfit with you. Mustard is my newest color obsession especially for the fall season and I also LOVE these boyfriend jeans. They are super comfortable and the fit is so flattering. Shop my look below and let me know what your favorite fall transition piece is!

Opal Rings: HERE (Use code "CHANNINGBFF19" to get your first jewelry box for FREE)

Crystal necklace: HERE (Use code "CHANNING25" to get 25% off all pieces)

Belt: HERE

Amazon Prime| Designer Dupes for Cheap!


Hey Guys! 

Recently, I was shopping on Amazon Prime, and realized they have great Designer Dupes for affordable prices!

I know that not all of us can afford to get name brand designer items, so the fact that you can get many items shipped in 2 days on Amazon Prime that look like the real thing is amazing!

None of these items say the designer name so they technically aren't knockoffs, just inspired.

I will try to update this page regularly with new items as I find them. The prices I show below are what they are at the time of posting. Prices on Amazon may change over time.

I have purchased a few of these items myself and I have always been pleased! Let me know if you get anything. 


Gucci Inspired Belt: Small Gold Buckle, Black Band: HERE $13.99

Gucci Inspired Belt: Comes in 4 Colors: Black, Coffee, Red, Brown: Small Brushed Metal Buckle: HERE $19.99

Burberry Inspired Espadrilles: 2 Colors: Blue and Khaki: HERE: $30.99 

Chloe Inspired Bag: 2 Colors: Pink and Blue: HERE $24.99

Chanel Inspired Flap Boy Bag: 10+ Colors and Styles: HERE $33.80

Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag: 9 Colors: HERE $114.58

Hermes Inspired Click Clack H Bracelet: 9+ Colors HERE $19.99

Gucci Inspired T-Shirt: 6+ Colors/Styles: HERE $11.99

Summer OOTD| Affordable Outfit: Everything Under $25!


Spring OOTD| Striped Knotted Sweater and Gray Duster Cardigan | Shop My Look


Easter Day| Spring Dress| Shop My Look



Dress (10% off with code "CHANNING") | Jean Jacket (10% off with code "CHANNING"| Shoes (Similar) | Bag (Similar) | Lip Color 

My Christmas Wishlist| What I Want for Christmas| 2017

Hey Guys!
I was putting together my Holiday Gift Guides and wanted to share what I want for Christmas this year. I figured you guys could get ideas for others or even yourselves! The brown ottoman would look perfect in my Boho glam inspired living room I am putting together at the moment (stay tuned), the marble wine holder feeds my marble addiction, I already own and love a silk pillowcase but this one matches my new sheets, the pot holder is perfect for my organizing my cabinets, and the 2 vinyls are CD's I already own and LOVE! What's on your list? Check out all my other Gift Guides HERE. 



Marble Wine Holder: (Also in Black)

Lemonade Vinyl:

Pot Organizer:

Silk Pillow Case:

Joanne Vinyl:

Fitness Holiday Gift Guide | Everything Under $50| 2017


Hey Guys! I am sharing my TOP PICKS for Fitness Gifts this Holiday season! I own the Muscle Roller and it is AMAZING! I also own a water infusing water bottle and love putting lemon, strawberries and other fruits inside to help me drink more water! I also included my FAVORITE Fitness wear Subscription Service as well as a Coupon Code! Check out my other Gift Guides HERE.


Fitness Book:

Active wear Subscription:  “Couture15”

Fruit Infused Water Bottle:

Muscle Roller:

Marble Water Bottle:

Men's Holiday Gift Guide| 2017


Hey Guys!

I wanted to share with you my TOP PICKS for Holiday Gift's for the Men in your life. I am picking up a few of these items and thought I would share. Links are below the photo. Enjoy and let me know what you pick up! Check out my other Gift Guides HERE.


BBQ Set: $23.99 HERE 

Toiletries Kits: $25.00 HERE 

Rolling Seat: $29.94 HERE 

Docking Station: $28.99 HERE

Wood Watch: 25% off HERE

5 Must Have Fall Sweaters Under $50 from Nordstrom

Hey Guys!

Now that sweater weather is officially here, I wanted to share some of my TOP PICKS for Sweaters Under $50 all from Nordstrom! My favorite is the striped one! All are so unique and would be great to transition into winter and spring! What trend in sweaters are you wearing this season? Shop the sweaters below! 


Striped Sweater HERE 
Pink Sweater HERE 
Black Ruffle Sweater HERE 
Grey Sweater HERE  
Off Shoulder Sweater HERE 

Camel Colored Fall Look featuring my Favorite Blanket Scarves Under $20!


Hey Guys!

Since Fall is officially upon use I wanted to share my favorite blanket scarves with you guys! Did I mention they are ALL Under $20?? 

Treat Yo Self!



Top 10 Fall Transition Fashion Pieces | Outfit Ideas


Hey Guys!
With Fall fast approaching I thought I would share a quick outfit to help you transition into the season. Each piece can be worn all together or can easily fit into any wardrobe. Shop the look below and let me know what your favorite fall fashion piece is!

XOXO Channing


Rose Gold Fashion| Shop My Look