Put-N-Bay Island Bachelorette Party!

Hey Guys!

Another day another Bachelorette Party! I promise soon I will post my Wedding Activities! I just have so many more pictures to weed through :)

Anyway, this past weekend me and 8 of my girlfriends traveled to Put-N-Bay which is basically a party island in the middle of Lake Erie. I have been a couple times before so I was pretty familiar with the area. The great thing about the island is you can walk everywhere so no need to worry about being a DD or paying for taxis everywhere! Also the island is full of young people having fun so it is a great atmosphere for fun and happiness! I always enjoy my time on the island mostly because I love people watching :P

We arrived Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The weather was supposed to be cold and rainy but it turned out to be just a bit chilly with no rain! Awesome!

Once we arrived on Friday we changed into our little black dresses and headed out to dinner. I love little black dresses because they always seem to show off each girls personality. Here is the one I wore (HERE). It is the black and long sleeved version of the one I wore for my own Bachelorette. I love body hugging dresses that go to my knees because they show off my body without showing off too much skin. I also wore black sandals with studs on them because I just don't do heels. I am too tall already and I like to be comfortable. I also wore my hair down and straight and added a nude pop to my lips with this lipstick (HERE). I love it so much and it lasts all night! I got it in my IPSY (HERE) bag and really want to buy the full size.  The bride wore an AMAZING neon pink dress that looked stunning on her!

After dinner we went to a Tiki Bar with swings! It was a bit chilly but super chill and relaxed. I then spotted a dance club I had never been to so we made our way over. It was dark and lit up with so many lights. It also had a huge wall of just glass to dance in front of which is always fun! It wasn't too crowded which is always my preference. The DJ started off great and the drinks were yummy!

The next morning we watched the Bride open her presents which included cute PJ's and other spa type gifts. I got these ones from Target (HERE) that I almost picked up for myself. She also gave us our gifts which included Hand made flower crowns (Gorgeous!) and hand painted T shirts that Said "Bride's Mates". 

We then traveled to a local winery that also boasted "The World's Biggest Geode." If you guys know me you know I love crystals so I definitely wanted to see it. It is literally breathtaking! Photos don't do it justice! It is a huge room dripping in light blue crystals! I could feel the energy and couldn't help myself, I had to touch them! Once we left the Geode we took a tour of the winery. It is actually the oldest winery in the United States! They gave us a glass of wine and it was amazing! After the winery we ate lunch at a pub and had girl talk. I love this group of girls because we all get along so well. It also helps we all went to the same high school and have known each other for years.

We then went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We changed into our T shirts and Crowns and away we went. Everyone LOVED our crowns. The bride even had one with a veil on it! We looked like the living Snap Chat filter which everyone enjoyed. We first went to "The World's Longest Bar". We stayed there for a few hours because the atmosphere was relaxed and we made some friends! One of the Bridesmaids knew a group that was celebrating a Bachelor party so we hung out with them for a bit.

After that we were itching to go dancing. We went to a tiny bar with a tiny dance floor and took it over! The DJ played great music and even bought us drinks! I always forget how great of a workout dancing is and what a stress reliever it is. I love to dance and find it makes me so happy and confident when I do it. Especially when I am with my girlfriends.

Overall the weekend was AMAZING. I am so glad we got to go and the weather worked in our favor. Next up is the wedding! I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle. She is going to be so BEAUTIFUL!

Let me know down below what the coolest place is that you either had your Bachelorette Party at or you attended one.

XOX Chan