Easter Looks Under $30!

Hey Guys!

Spring and Easter are just around the corner and I can't wait! Not only because my birthday is in the Spring but also because Spring means Summer is coming! Easter time is also special to me because 2 Easters ago, my husband I surprised my family with the engagement news :) Since our birthdays are a day apart, we also celebrate them with family around Easter so we get ice cream cake which is an added bonus.

My favorite Easter memories are opening Easter baskets with my sister and playing with our new items. When I was younger they always contained our Easter dresses, candy and usually a Barbie. I later found out that my dad was the one who picked out our Easter dresses which is so sweet. We also had an Easter Egg hunt with my cousins up until a couple years ago. I can't wait till I can do these activities with my kids. 

Typically my Easter Day outfits are always centered around florals, and pastels. Basically the spring staples. My family and I always start our Easter off at church and then end up at my parents to celebrate with family.  I feel like Easter is also a sort of Spring Celebration so I try to dress as fresh and light as possible. This year I want to wear a cobalt blue and white dress with a white blazer over top and nude sandals similar to the ones below. Follow my Instagram for pictures.

Check out the looks I found below. I want to own all of the items! I hope you all have an amazing Easter XOX

Online Thrifting Haul! Feat: Thrifty Ninja Boutique!

Yes you read the title correctly! I found an online thrifting shop! It is called Thrifty Ninja Boutique. The owner Andrea stocks it with popular brand name clothing, shoes and accessories at thrift store prices! Shipping is also low as well!

Check out my video below for a more in depth look at some of the pieces that I picked up.

The great thing about Thrifty Ninja, besides the low prices, is that Andrea finds pieces in all different sizes. They come clean, smelling fresh, and they look exactly as shown!

She packages the items so well. She folds them in tissue paper and uses sewing pins to keep each item neat and together. It is way nicer then the way Big Box stores package their items. She also throws in cute beauty freebies. I received a natural lotion and lip balm!

I can't wait to place my second order! She updates her site all the time so check back frequently so you don't miss out on some fabulous items. If you guys are interested in me trying on items for photos let me know!

I have a coupon code for you all. Get $20 off a purchase of $50 or more with code "Channing".

Let me know if you order and what you think!

XOX Chan

Shop Miss A Haul! Everything is $1!

Hey guys! I made another Shopmissa.com purchase. This website is soooooo addicting! Everything is $1 and shipping is only $3.95. It has a wide variety of items from hair, makeup, jewelry and other accessories. This is my 3rd time ordering and I have been so happy every time. They constantly post new items so I have to contain myself. hahaha. Check out my haul video below!


Let me know if you find any goodies

XOX Channing