Winter FabFitFun Unboxing and Review!| Worth over $200!+ $10 subscription!

Hey guys!

Today I am unboxing my Winter FabFitFun box for you! I get my box at the beginning of the 3 month period so if you like my box make sure you sign up HERE before it sells out! You also get $10 your subscription using that link.

FabFitFun is a quarterly or seasonal box meaning it comes every 3 months and is $49.99 per box and always has a value of over $200! I love all my FabFitFun boxes and always look forward to getting them! They always have a great variety of lifestyle products including beauty, fashion, and health!

Check out my unboxing video below as well as mini reviews of the products as well as links and coupon codes!

The first item I pulled out was the D.L & Co Bergamont Woods Silver 7 oz candle that retails for $44! This comes in beautiful packaging both on the outside and inside! The box is chic and the container is a gorgeous silver pattern! This also smells super delicious and wintery. I can’t wait to display this in my apartment! This would also make a great gift for any candle lover in your life. I have never gotten a candle in a subscription box before and as a candle lover myself I was super excited! This candle also has a 40 hour burn time which is a plus! Check it out HERE.

The next item I received was the Gorjana Taner Toggle Lariant Necklace which retails for $75! This necklace is a simple 18k gold plated design that can be worn many different ways! In the magazine that comes with FabFitFun they show you a couple different ways to wear the necklace. I love the unique design and I have other pieces from Gorjana and they are all high quality and never tarnish! When ever we get jewelry items in FFF they always arrive in a dust bag or nice box which is appreciated. Check it out HERE and get $20 off your order with code "GXF4782".


The next item I pulled out was a set of 10 Thank you Cards with envelops that retail for $24. These are from Marie Mae Company and are white with tiny polka dots and say ‘Cheers” in gold cursive writing. I love getting Thank you Cards because I send them out to my clients all the time. These will come in handy to send out after the new year. Check it out HERE.

The next product I received was a Moleskin Weekly Notebook Planner that retails for around $20. This is a perfect purse sized planner that feel luxurious and mine is a gorgeous berry purple color. I have heard about Moleskin being high quality and this does not disappoint! I love having planners around so this one will definitely be put to good use in 2017. There is also a pocket in the back that contains an assortment of stickers! A cool bonus! Check it out HERE.

The first beauty product I received was the Iconoclast Mega Volume Laquer Mascara from Butter London that retails for $20. I have never tried a mascara from Butter London before so I am excited. This mascara promises to volumize and separate lashes. It also has a ball tip applicator perfect for reaching every lash. I usually prefer volume over length so I hope this mascara has that. Check it out HERE.

The next beauty item is the O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face with Brightening agents that retails for $44! This is a facial peel that you spray all over skin then rub your hands or a soft wash cloth in a circular motion to remove all your dead skin cells. You can visibly see the dead skin being rubbed away. After I used this my skin was super smooth and glowing! I love how quick and easy this product is and it is gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week. This is great if you have dry skin especially in the winter. Check it out HERE.

The next item I received was the Anderson Lilley Body Cream in the scent Sicillian Tangerine which retails for $24. This smells so delicious and citrusy! It is more of a summer scent but I don’t mind. It is super thick and creamy and leaves my skin feeling nice and moisturized without feeling greasy. I love the simplicity of the packaging and the fact that it is free of parabins, artificial dyes, and doesn’t test on animals. Check it out HERE.

The final item we received was a gold star pin that helps raise money for the Children’t Starlight Foundation. Find out more about the foundation HERE.

Overall the value of this box was over $253! I loved the variety of the items and all the sizes were fantastic! This box will definitely help get me ready for 2017! Don’t miss out on this box. Subscribe and save $10 HERE.

Fall Fabfitfun Unboxing| Worth over $200!


Hey Guys!

I recently received my Fall Fabfitfun box and SPOILER ALERT this is my FAVORITE box from Fabfitfun and maybe even ever! It has over $200 worth of full sized products and such a great variety! Fabfitfun is a seasonal/quarterly box that comes every 3 months. It is $49.99 and considered a lifestyle box. Lifestyle boxes are full of fashion, beauty, and home items. These are my favorite types of boxes at the moment! Check out my unboxing video below as well as individual reviews and links to the products.

The first item I pulled out was a Loch and Key Plaid scarf from Modcloth which retails for $34.99. This came in 4 different colors and I got the beige, white and black one. This is a blanket scarf meaning it is HUGE! It can be worn a variety of ways and also used as a lap blanket if needed. It is super thick and warm and will come in handy during the cold winter ahead. This item is super on trend and one of my top picks in this box! Check it out HERE.

The next item is a To Go Coffee mug from the Created Co. Mine says “Good Morning Gorgeous” in gold writing on the black mug. This retails for $19. This is super fun and chic at the same time. I wish that the top was able to close though. If I drank coffee I would totally be using this but I don’t but my little sister has already called dibs. She thinks it is super adorable and perfect to take to class. Check it out HERE.

Next I received a pack of colored pencils and a coloring book. Coloring is a very trendy thing to do at the moment. Usually the books are quite large and long but this one was smaller and a perfect size to throw in a purse. Usually adult coloring books stress me out but this one doesn’t! It has fun images and I can totally see myself coloring these on a plane! If I had a niece or daughter they would love this as well! Both retail for $14 and benefit the charity Pencils Of Promise.

I received 2 bonus goodies in this months box. These items don’t count towards the overall value of the box which is nice. The first item istravel size of the Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel Deodorant. I also got a pack of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes which are always handy. I will be using both of these.

The fitness item for the month was a grey pair of ToeSox that retail for $15. These are used for barre workouts, yoga and other exercises where you don’t wear shoes but need more grip then socks can supply. I find these interesting but not sure if I will use. I will keep them though since I am getting back into fitness and might need them. Check it out HERE.

My favorite product this month is a full sized Nude Collection Eyeshadow Pallette by Pure Cosmetics which retails for $50! So basically it’s like buying this palette and getting all the other amazing goodies for free! I don’t own any Naked by Urban Decay Palletes but I feel like this one looks like them. It even comes with a double ended brush that feels amazing. The colors are gorgeous and I can’t wait to use this! It has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades which is awesome. I was so happy to get this! See the swatches below.Check it out HERE.

Next I pulled out a French lavender Body Oil from Mulllein and Sparrow which retails for $18. The bottle is beautiful and it smells very strongly of natural lavender. To tone it down I would mix a few drops in my lotion to add the body oil sheen to my body without looking overly greasy. My Mom loves lavender so I am going to see if she would like this. Check it out HERE.

I also got a Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer from Spongelle which retails for $16. This is cool because it is like a sponge and body wash in one! It can be used multiple times and smells really nice and fresh. It is not overly rose scented which I appreciate. It also feels like it might do a bit of exfoliating which I enjoy. I am interested to see how it feels and how many washes I can get out of it. I wish it had some sort of string so I could hang it up when not in use. Check it out HERE.

Next I got a full sized BrowGal waterproof clear eyebrow gel which retails for $20. I love that this is waterproof and wish I would have gotten it for the summer! I don’t wear makeup when I go in the water but this would be nice on days when you want to tame your brows and also help keep them sweat proof. Check it out HERE.

The final item I got was the Restoring Night Serum from Skin Laundry and retails for $50. This is supposed to help with skin elasticity, unevenness, and firming. I might keep this for myself or pass it along to my Mom. The packaging is nice and the size is great! I love getting high end skin care in these boxes. Check it out HERE.

Overall this box was AMAZING! The sizes, variety, and products were great and I will use every single one. I can’t wait to get the Holiday box as Holiday boxes are usually the best ones! Subscribe to Fabfitfun HERE.



FabFitFun Unboxing | July 2016 Worth over $228!


Hey Guys! 

Today I am unboxing my July Fab Fit Fun box! This is a seasonal box that retails for $49.99 and always promises over $100 in goodies! The summer box contains 7 full sized items with 2 bonus sample sized items. The items in this box are perfect for a summer getaway, the beach or the pool!

The first item is the full sized FabFitFun Everyday Beach Waves Spray. This stuff smells really light and fresh and provides a light hold and gives your hair texture. It also conditions and protects strands. Because I have super long straight hair wave sprays don't work for me. I did use this by braiding my damp hair after spraying this. When I took the braids out in the morning I had nice mermaid type waves that weren't crunchy. I'm a fan! This retails for $18. Check it out HERE

The next item was the Betchsicles Ice Pop Molds. These retail for $19. These are champagne shaped Popsicle molds that can be used to make regular popsicles or boozy ones! There are 6 total. I haven't used these yet but I can't wait! If you are a Mom I think kids would like them as well! Just use fruit juice and stick some gummy bears inside. So fun! Check them out HERE

The next item is the Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub. This bottle is huge and retails for $34! This is a face and body microdermabrasion scrub that is gentle and is supposed to brighten, and energize your skin. I love this stuff! It has a nice clean fresh scent and makes my skin feel soft and glowy! It is great to use before self tanning in order to get a smooth even tan. It also takes off dry skin cells to reveal smooth soft skin. Check it out HERE. Use code FFF20 for 20% off through 10/01/16.

The next beauty item was a full sized Passport to Beauty Gypset Luminus LipGloss in the color Berry Free Spirit. This retails for $18. This is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants to give lips  high shine look. It has glitter in it but leaves looking super glossy and tinted berry. It also smells great! This isn't too sheer or too opaque. It gives a nice tint and doesn't leave lips sticky. Check it out HERE. Use code FFFSAVE for 20% off through 10/01/16.

The next skincare item is the Osea Atomosphere Protection Cream. This is full sized and retails for $48. This is a lightweight moisturizer that protects your skin from damage, dryness, and leaves skin matte. It can also be blended into foundation to cream your own CC cream! I haven't used this yet because I only use day creams with SPF in them. I think it is important to always wear SPF on your face daily. I might use this at night once my current night cream runs out but it does feel super light and soft. Check it out HERE. 

The next item is a Summer and Rose Yoga Towel that retails for $36. There were 3 different colors we could have gotten and the one I got was orange and says "Dream Big". These are yoga towels that can be used on top of your yoga mat or used during a workout. Check them out HERE

The next item is a Trina Turk Canvas Tote bag that retails for $55. You could have gotten 3 color and the one I got was yellow and says "Sunshine and Saltwater". These have a cute nautical braided rope handle and are the perfect pool or beach bag! Check it out HERE. Use code FFF2016 to get $50 off a purchase over $250 through 9/01/16. 

The final items were just samples of the Burt's Bees BB Cream and the Cleansing Oil. 

Overall I thought the value of this box was amazing! The sizes of the items were awesome and the variety of items was spot on! Get your Fall box HERE. 


Fab Fit Fun Unboxing and Review | Welcome Box June 2016 Unboxing


Hey Guys!
Today I have an exciting new Unboxing from FabFitFun! FabFitFun is a lifestyle box that ships out quarterly (Every season) and is $49.99 each time. You are guaranteed a box worth over $100 every time! When you first sign up you get sent the "Welcome Box". So it doesn't matter what season you join in. This "Welcome Box' contains 7 full sized items and it is worth over $320!!! Its amazing value for your money! 

The first item was a 14K Gold Dipped and Black Sapphire Horseshoe necklace from WREN. This is worth $100! It is such a beautiful delicate rose gold necklace. You could have gotten 2 other shapes which were a heart or moon. I think this piece is so on trend and I will definitely getting alot of wear out of it. 

The next was the Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum from Passport to Beauty. This retails for $88! I have really been getting into eye creams lately. I am kind of picky when it comes to eye creams. I find that alot are sticky on me which I don't enjoy. This formula however is super lightweight which I really like! Get 20% off HERE with code FABFITFUN. 

Next were super cute headphones from the company FRENDS. These retail for $80. They are black with gold accents and fit so well in the ears! I wear them for hours on end and they don't hurt my ears at all! I have never had a pair that feel this comfortable! Get 20% off HERE with code FFFSPRING. 

The next item is the "I'll Make You Look Amazing "Daily Spray from GORGE. This retails for $24.95. This stuff smells so great and leaves my hair silky smooth and soft! It does so many things liked de-tangling, heat protecting, shine, and frizz control. I love all in one products like this because I feel like I am getting alot of benefits without using alot of products that will weigh  my hair down. Get $15 off HERE with code DEC15. 

The next item is the Fit item. It is a Jump Rope from Cosmobody that retails for $14. I am excited to use this item when I have space. Right now we don't have any room in our apartment. This is very sturdy and feels high quality. 

Next was a Zoya nail polish in the color Carey. This is a beautiful on trend pale gray and retails for $9. I love Zoya polishes and can't wait to use this on my nails. Get any 3 colors FREE, just pay shipping, with code FABFITFUN HERE. 

We got a $25 gift card to Shoptiques that I used to buy the cutest brown cutout booties! They have a ton of shoes and other accessories on this site. 

The final item was  Protein Milk Shake from Organic Valley. This retails for $2.99. I got the flavor Dark Chocolate and can't wait to drink it after an intense workout. 

Overall this box was AWESOME! I highly recommend this box if you like boxes with great value and a variety of items. Sign up HERE

Let me know done below what your favorite Lifestyle box is! XOX Chan