American Southwest Travel Guide: Nevada, Utah and Arizona| Where to Stay + What to Do!

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My Husband and I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage with a road trip out West! Make sure to check out Part 1 of my Travel Guide talking about our stay in Las Vegas
HERE. After our day trip in Vegas, we headed off on our road tripping adventure which included Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Check out below to see where we stayed, what we did, and what we ate! Also, don’t forget to sign up for Ebates to get CASH BACK on your hotel, activity and airline bookings! If you haven’t heard of Ebates, it is an online company that you shop through (not just travel but clothing, beauty etc) and you earn CASH BACK on your purchases straight into your bank account, Paypal, or by check in the mail!If you sign up you get $10 automatically back in addition to what you earn when you make your first purchase! Sign up HERE.

After our night in Vegas and exploring Vegas for the day, we made out way to pick up our rental car from Enterprise in the Westin hotel. There are many places to pick up a rental car in the Las Vegas area but we chose this one because they had the best prices at the time we booked. After we picked up our rental car we drove to Hoover Dam. We didn’t plan on taking any tours so we decided to go about an hour before they closed. This gave us plenty of time to get there and look around at everything. Plus Hoover Dam is Free! You just have to pay for parking which I believe was between $5 and $10. Hoover Dam is amazing to see in person! It is HUGE and the views of the rock and the bridge are unbelievable. You can even see where the water level used to be before the California droughts. If you have time I recommend stopping here. TIP: There is only 1 road leading in and out of the Dam and not alot of parking so I recommend going super early or late like we did. We didn’t go during the busy season but I can imagine it gets crazy during the summer.

After we visited Hoover Dam we drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to our hotel for the evening. We arrived at the Best Western Inn in Williams Arizona which was nice and included breakfast! This hotel was only about 1.5 hours outside of the Grand Canyon. TIP: Stay in hotels about an hour outside of the Grand Canyon because the closer you get the more expensive they become! Driving was honeslty some of our favorite moments from the trip becasise of the beautiful views so we didn’t mind.

As we drove closer and closer to the Grand Canyon it started to snow really hard. By the time we entered the park it was a complete whiteout. The only advantage to this was close parking and no one was there. The disadvantage was we weren’t prepared and coulnd’t see anything. Luckily since we were driving to a different hotel that evening, we had our suitcases in the car so we layerd up our pants. We also luckily brought coats and gloves on a whim which helped alot. We also brought 2 pairs of shoes which ended up coming in handy since my first pair got completely soaked with slush. Since it snowed and didn’t get to see the beautiful views we were disappointed. Obviosuly it wasn’t anyones fault but we are already planning on going back. Keep the weather in mind if you go anytime after September because you never know! It ended up being really nice because my husband and I were 1 of few people there that day so we just walked the paths and explored on our own. It was very quiet and surreal being close to the edge and not being able to see anything but knowing what was behind the fog. We ate lunch at a nice restaurant in the park which was right on the edge of the canyon that was delicios. While eating, my husband noticed a break in the fog and ran outside and saw a glimpse of the Canyon for a couple minutes. He came back in so excited to show me but when I went out it was fog again. I am just glad he got to see it. Lucikuly, the Grand Canyon isn’t going anywhere so we will for sure be back some day.

After leaving the Grand Canyon we decided to make a pit stop at Horseshoe Bend since it was near our hotel. It is a bit of a walk to get to but so worth it! It is simply stunning and huge in person and I can’t even begin to describe it. We went right before sunset so the view was amazing!

After we left, we headed to our next hotel which was Best Western Plus in Lake Powell. After we checked in we went on a quest for some good food. We found this AMAZING traditional BBQ place called Big John’s Texas BBQ that my husband said was the best he had ever had. You must check it out!

The next morning we made out way to lower Antelope Canyone and took a tour with Dixie Ellis. In Antelope Canyon there are the Upper and Lower parts. Upper tours are more expensive and shorter than the Lower ones and don’t offer the stunning sites that the Lower Canyon does. I recommend the Lower over the Upper if you can only do one. The Canyon is amazing because it is a small slit in the ground you would never think to look into! After decending the stairs, you are transported into another world full of red rocks and beautiful rock formations. Our tourguide Junior was amazing and acutally changed all of our phone settings so that it would capture the true beauty and color of the rocks. He even showed us the best photo op spots and made sure to tell us the history and amazing facts about the Canyon during the tour. This was probably my favotire thing from the whole trip and I recommend checking it out.

After leaving, we decided to drive around and stop at various points to take in all the scenery. Driving in the Southwest is amazing because every turn provides a new spectacular view of the rocks and landscape.

On our last and final day we headed out to Zion National park to do some hiking. Since we went during the off season it wasn’t hard to get it but be warned: This park is EXTREMELY POPULAR with limited parking and only 1 road in and out. If going during the busy season make sure to get their early, and plan for long waits at the shuttle. There is an in park shuttle that takes you to various points around the park which is super nice but during the busy season the wait can be over 45 minutes long. We only waited a maximum of 10 minutes and that was at the end of the day when everyone was leaving. I recommend getting a map and checking out the trail levels. The maps do a great job at saying how long they take, what features they have and what level they are (Beginner, Moderate or Strenous). I recommend weraring layers at it can be cold in the shade but hot in the summer, wearing comfortable waking shoes and bringing plently to drink and snack on. My lovely husband thought it would be a good idea to start our day on a Strenous stright uphil hike that all together was about 6 hours. Now we only did the hike about 1.5 hours each way so we didn’t do the whole path but as someone who is out of shape and has breathing issues this wasn’t one I would start out with. The views were difficult don’t get me wrong but I had to stop multiple times and I would have been stressed an overwhelmed if the trails were actually busy and I was getting in peoples way.

After leaving this trail and walking a small one we ate lunch and decided to head to the Infamous Angel’s Falls trail. This one is known for being super difficult with amazing views. At the very top of the trail the path climbs up a rock cliff with barely enough room for people to pass each other and all you have to hold onto is a fence chain. Since my husband is very afraid of heights we didn’t walk that part but we made it all the way to the top and the view was stunning! Honeslty it wasn’t as bad as the first trail since it wasn’t straight up the whole time and there were places to rest out of the way.

After making our way down we decided we were too tired to do anymore trails. Zion is truly beautiful and I would love to go back one day.

After returning to our hotel for the evening, we headed back to Vegas for our flight home.
This trip was amazing and I was so happy to be able to see parts of the United States I have never seen before. If you are looking for a fun trip with your partner or friends I recommmend road tripping throught the SouthWest. Our longest drive was only 3 hours and honeslty all the views distracted me so I never realized we were driving for so long. I loved that we visited 3 different states and saw so much.







If you have any questions please let me know down below!

Las Vegas Travel Guide| Tips and Tricks to Make your Stay Amazing!

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Today I am sharing Part 1 of my 2 part travel series! Part 1 is all about Las Vegas and Part 2 is all about my road trip through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah (Read it HERE) with my Husband for our anniversary. I will be sharing where we stayed, ate at, and some tips on how to make your trip the best! Also, don’t forget to sign up for Ebates to get CASH BACK on your hotel, activity and airline bookings! If ou haven’t heard of Ebates, it is an online company that you shop through (not just travel but clothing, beauty etc) and you earn CASH BACK on your purchases straight into your bank account, Paypal, or by check in the mail!If you sign up you get $10 automatically back in addition to what you earn when you make your first purchase! Sign up HERE.

Each year for our anniversary, my Husband and I like to go on a trip so we carve out the time just for us to reconnect and have an adventure! We went to Hawaii on our Honeymoon, rented a cabin for a long weekend for our 1st anniversary, and last year we spent it in Paris! (Check out my Paris Travel Guide HERE). This year we wanted to do something big and explore the US so we decided to fly to Vegas and rent a car and road trip through the west for a week long adventure! We love traveling together and are already planning next year’s trip! (Any suggestions are appreciated).



Since my husband and I are still young and have never experienced Las Vegas before, we thought we might as well see what it is all about. We aren’t big partiers, gamblers or drinkers, but we love to walk around any area we go to and explore and eat good food. This is why we only spent about 1 ½ days in Vegas on our trip (which was plenty of time for us).

Let’s get the pros and cons of Vegas out of the way.



-Everything is super close and within walking distance (except the Old Strip)

- So many entertainment options to choose from such as musical acts, comedy shows, acrobatics and more

-All the hotels are open so you can check out all the different architectures inside which I really enjoyed

-So many yummy food options!

-You can drink on the street so to save money I recommend getting what you like to drink at CVS and drinking it while you explore versus spending a lot of money on drinks in restaurants



-Vegas is smoky! You can smoke inside the hotels in the casino areas so a lot of the older hotels just stunk (I am very sensitive to smoke)

- It can be really HOT and crowded depending on the time of year you go

-There is currently a lot of construction that can hinder your exploration

So let’s get into what we did. We live in Cleveland and wanted to find a direct flight to Las Vegas since it was only a 3 hour flight. I highly recommend finding a direct flight that way you don’t waste any of your vacation sitting in an airport. We flew Frontier since the flights were inexpensive and had an evening flight. We left Cleveland and arrived in Las Vegas 9:30 pm Vegas time. Since Ohio is 3 hours ahead it felt like 12:30 am. We were tired but since we were leaving Vegas the next day we decided to stay up and explore Vegas at night!


We stayed at the Mirage hotel since it was one of the least expensive, and on the strip. This hotel was decent but a little dated looking. Since we only stayed one night I didn’t mind but if I would have stayed longer I would recommend one of the newer hotels such as the Aria.

One of the other perks of traveling to Vegas is that the airport is only 15-20 minutes from the strip. So we took one short Lyft ride from the airport to the hotel. It was easy and inexpensive.

Once checked in we went out to see the strip at night. Since we arrived on a Sunday there was barely any people which was awesome. We went to see the water show in front of the Bellagio which didn’t disappoint. I heard that these fountains will be torn down soon to make way for another hotel so if this is true I recommend seeing the foundations next time you are there. The show is every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day. They also play different songs so don’t worry about seeing the same show back to back. We also walked through a few hotel lobbies and casinos to get a feel of all of the layouts. It was very fun to see everything lit up for the evening.


We then stopped for snacks and drinks at a Walgreens right on the strip and headed back to our hotel for the evening.

The next morning we woke up and headed out for breakfast at Hash House A Go Go. This place was DELICIOUS! I love breakfast food so this place did not disappoint. We were leaving at 3 pm so we decided to do some exploring for the day. The Mirage was very nice and held our bags after we checked out for us so we didn’t have to lug them around Vegas. My Husband and I love to just walk around any place we visit so we decided to walk the entire strip. I HIGHLY recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes during the day because it can get hot, cold, or uncomfortable depending on the time of year you go. We went in early October so the morning was freezing but by noon it was warm. It never got really hot which was nice. We decided to stop in at the Coca-Cola store and try Coke products from around the world. This was only $10 and it was delicious and fun! Definitely a family friendly activity. After walking and gambling a bit we decided to check out Top Golf. Top Golf is basically a driving range in the middle of Vegas where you can rent your own private booth and get food and drinks! It was surprisingly inexpensive and my Husband and I had a blast golfing in the middle of a city of hotels! I know there are Top Golfs all over the country so I recommend visiting one if you can.

After Top Golf, we headed back to pick up our rental car from Enterprise for Part 2 of our adventure. (You can check out Part 2 HERE.)

Part 2 is our road tripping adventure but we also returned for another day in Vegas.

We left on a Monday and arrived back to Vegas on a Friday so the atmosphere was definitely different. Friday was more busy and crowded. I wasn’t a fan of this but it was to be expected. Since October is the off season I couldn’t imagine being in Vegas in its prime and when it’s hot. If you don’t mind going during the off season I highly recommend it. Once we returned our rental car to the W hotel Enterprise, we asked them to hold our bags again so we could explore some more. We wanted to walk in all of the hotels we didn’t get to see the first day such as New York New York (my favorite) and the Luxor (my husband’s favorite). Most hotels have a gambling lobby but they also have amazing activities for kids, museums, shows, and restaurants. You will never run out of things to do! There is also a Starbucks every 3 feet which is a bonus!

Whenever we would get tired it was nice to just sit at a table and play slots or table games. We actually won some money which was great! If you are looking for High End shopping I recommend checking out The Shops at Crystals and the Aria. They have all the designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada and the most amazing window displays! Cesar’s Palace also has a high end shopping area inside which looks like you are on the streets of Europe which is amazing!

We then decided to head back to get our suitcases and get to the airport. Another short Lyft ride later and we were there. I recommend getting to the Las Vegas airport early as it can get very busy at the Bag Check and security. You also have to ride a tram to the gates so take that into account as well.

Overall Vegas was a fun experience. I wouldn’t be able to spend a week there I don’t think but I definitely recommend visiting there for a long weekend. If you have any questions let me know down below.


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Girl’s Night Out at the Cleveland Candle Company! | Making Candles, Bath Bombs and Lip Balms

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I wanted to share a fun event I went to recently hosted by The Cleveland Candle Company. If you are in the NEO area I highly recommend checking them out! Not only can you make your own custom candles, but you can also make Bath Bombs, and Lip Balms and they also host Painting and Terrarium making classes! They have 3 locations in Mentor, Coventry and their newest location in Ohio City which is the one I went to. I think any of these classes would be fun to do on a date night, for a bachelorette party or just for a fun night out! This is my second time making candles at The Cleveland Candle Company and the process is so fun and exciting! 

Let’s start off with the candles. These are made with a 100% soy blend so you get a clean burn that is safe for those sensitive to smoke and chemicals and the small candles have a 40-50 hour burn time! When you walk in you are greeted with tables of already made scents that you can purchase or you can make your own! There are also gift baskets available which are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. They have another wall of candles featuring the “pure” scents that you can put into your candle AKA nothing is blended yet. There are hundreds to choose from that include seasonal scents, fruits, sweets, food, feminine and masculine scents! There are so many to choose from you might be there a while just sniffing! You can also pick out the candle size you would like to make from small to large.

Once you decide to make a candle, you are given a paper to write your favorite scents on. They recommend no more than 4 since this can get overwhelming so I chose 3, Georgia Peach, Lemon Zest and Pink Sugar. My husband LOVES Fresh and Sweet scents so I was looking for a mix of sugar and laundry. I told the associate helping us what I was looking for and she recommended switching out peach for pear or Basil. She then grabbed the bottles of the scents and had me squeeze and stiff them. This is great because it allows you to smell what your candle would smell like before making it. I wasn’t crazy about it so we swapped a few more bottles in and out until I finally decided on Clove & Aloe, Pink Sugar, and Lemon Zest! It was the perfect mix of fresh and sweet. Once I decided on my scent, I mixed a few drops of each into a metal container. This allowed me to have control over which scent I wanted more of. I played around with them and added a bit of each at a time before I landed on the perfect mix. Once I had my oils ready, the associate poured my hot wax into my glass and had me dump the oils in and stir for a couple minutes. Stirring for a long time guarantees the oils are evenly distributed for a nice smell when burning. Once the candle is setting you can make your label! They have a ton of colored pens to choose from and you can name and decorate the labels however you want. I chose to name mine Couture Candle after my blog. There is also a label on the bottom to write the oils you used just in case you want to make the candle again in the future. These candles can take 1-2 hours to set depending on their size so if you aren’t staying to make other things I recommend going to lunch or dinner or shopping and coming back.

While I waited for my candle to set, I made some bath bombs! This is a new service they offer and as a Lush addict and avid bath taker I was super excited to make some bombs! They provide all the ingredients, utensils and even aprons as this can get messy! For the bath bombs you choose 1 scent from the candle scent wall and I chose Pink Glam Sugar because it smelled super girly and feminine. For the bath bombs we mixed Citric Acid, Baking Powder, Witch Hazel, Coconut Butter or Shea Butter, Sunflower oil or Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil and Color of your choice. You can choose from red, blue or yellow or you can mix them. I chose red to create a light pinky coral color. Once this is all mixed together, you scoop a handful and place into the included molds and create the round shape of the bomb. You have enough to create 2 full bath bombs and take the rest home as “bath dust”. These smell amazing and I can’t wait to use them! Make sure to follow my Instagram because I will be posting my bath on Insta Stories!

The final thing I made were essential oil lip balms. The recipe allowed for each person to make 5 and there are 6 oils to choose from or you can mix and match them. The 6 flavors are Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Blood Orange and Vanilla. Since I was with a large group, we all decided to make a different scent or scent combo so we could all trade. I chose to make Vanilla but also traded for Orange, Orange Chocolate, and Spearmint Eucalyptus. To make the lip balms we combined Beeswax, Shea or Coconut Butter, and our choice of Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, or Grapeseed Oil. These all have different benefits so I choose Avocado for mine because it is super moisturizing and boosts collagen in the lips. You can then add 6 drops of any combination of scents you wish. I chose to do all 6 vanilla because I used Coconut Butter and this created more of a chocolate vanilla scent. You can also add Vitamin E oil to add shine if you want and I of course said yes. Once these are all combined, we melted the concoction in the microwave and poured into our tubes. I loved that the tubes were twist up and not a pot where I had to stick my finger in. While I let these cool I again got to create my own labels for the tubes. I chose to name mine Chanstick…funny I know. Once my labels were on the balms were complete!

Overall the experience at The Cleveland Candle Company was amazing! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and I love the wide variety of things you can do or make there. Another thing I like is that they locally source everything they can. The glass for the candles is made in Ohio, the oils are locally sourced, all the oils and products are natural, vegan and have no chemicals which is also a huge plus. Anything they can’t get in Ohio they make sure are made in the USA.


I love supporting local businesses and if you are in the area and looking for something to do I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. Feel free to check out their website HERE.

Travel Must Have’s for 2018 feat. My Favorite Carry On Bag from Hang Accessories!


Hey Guys!

As some of you may know, my Husband and I recently returned from the UK after living and traveling there for 4 months. We visited 4 countries and numerous cities and wanted to share our travel must have’s with you.  Check out my London Travel Guide (HERE), Paris Travel Guide (HERE) or Budapest Travel Guide (HERE).

The first part of most travel adventures is packing and flying. This for me can be one of the most stressful parts because I don’t want to over pack but I also want to make sure I don’t forget any of the necessities. When flying, it is important to keep your important things within reach on the plane and pack the stuff not needed in your checked or carry on bag. I always fly with a personal item bag because it allows me to be within arms reach of my needed items without having to open the overhead bin and disturb those around me. My favorite bag to take with me when I am traveling is my Josslyn Red Convertible Tech Tote and Backpack from Hang Accessories. Hang Accessories is a company that makes high quality handbags, accessories, and small leather goods. This bag comes in other colors but I chose the beautiful fire engine red color so it would stand out and add some pizzazz to my travel wardrobe of black.

This bag features buttery high quality leather that feels sturdy and looks professional and chic. Check out my video above for a more in depth look at this bag and its features. I love to have all of my important documents within reach when I am flying so that I don’t hold up any lines so the fact that the Tote has a pocket on the front which organizes all of your cards, ID’s, passports, and boarding passes is amazing! It has a magnetic closure and beautiful gun metal studded detail around the pocket as well that just adds to the look.

Also when I am traveling, I always like to pack water and snacks. The cool thing about the Josslyn Red Convertible Tech Tote and Backpack is there are 2 inside pockets that securely hold water bottles. When these pockets aren’t in use they fold up and aren’t in the way for other items you might need to store. I love this feature because it means that my water won’t be rolling around all over my bag or I won’t have to set the bottle down somewhere and risk forgetting it. The inside of this tote is a cool black and white striped fabric that also matches the detachable mirror on the outside of the bag. This bag is spacious enough to fit your tablets, books, and other travel necessities but also not too big to where it is a pain to carry.

My favorite feature of the bag is the fact that it can be a handbag, a cross body bag, or a backpack depending on how you attach the detachable and adjustable straps. Backpacks are my new obsession and are my favorite thing to take with me when I travel. They allow me to be hands free while also keeping my bag with me at all times. The fact that this bag is basically a 3 in one is awesome!

The final feature that I love is the carry on luggage holder on the back. This is a piece of the bag's leather that can help slide the bag over the handle on your rolling luggage so that your bag can sit on the top of the luggage without toppling over or getting lost. If you aren’t able to hold your bag for any reason this is a great feature to have! 

If you have any travels coming up in 2018 I HIGHLY recommend you checking out Hang Accessories. They have a ton of other travel bags, regular hand bags, wallets, and coin purses to fit your everyday needs. Check out their website HERE and use their code "CC20" for 20%off.

I have also linked some of my favorite travel essentials my husband and I used while traveling overseas below

Let me know where you are or want to be traveling to in the New Year!

Happy Travels!

Budapest Travel Guide| Our Journey In Hungary| Hotels, Attractions, and More!


Hey Guys!

My husband and I recently traveled to Budapest, Hungary and I wanted to share our travels as well as some tips and tricks for traveling! Check out my London Travel Guide HERE and my Paris Travel Guide HERE


Since my husband and I are only in the United Kingdom for 3 more weeks, we wanted to take one last big trip. We chose Budapest because my husband is Hungarian and has strong family ties to the country and we felt that it would offer a different culture for us to experience. Let me just say it did not disappoint! If you are looking for a beautiful, inexpensive, cultural place to travel to than look no further! 

We traveled to Budapest from London on the airline Easy Jet. This is an inexpensive airline and is similar to Frontier or Spirit in the US. We also bought a Budapest Travel Card which was similar to the travel cards we bought when we went to London and Paris. This card allows us access to buses, trains, and subways all over the city. It also can get you into some Budapest attractions for free or at a lower price. Check it out HERE. If you travel anywhere check to see if they have a Travel card. So far everyone we have used has been worth the price and has saved us so much time and money. 

We traveled to our hotel which was in the middle of the city from the airport using a bus and Subway. This took about 30 minutes and was super easy to use. The hotel we stayed at was the Boscolo Budapest and it was pure luxury that didn't break the bank! I booked it online and didn't realize how nice it was until we got there. When you enter the lobby you are greeted with the most delicious scent of flowers and the whole lobby is made of marble. We then made our way up to our room and were blown away. There are different types of rooms to get but we chose the standard smallest room. When entering there is a big reception/hall leading into our room. There is a marble bathroom with a large bathtub and shower, 2 closets, and a large bedroom with a balcony. It felt like a palace. I HIGHLY recommend staying here not only for the luxury, but for the price, and the hospitality. When you stay in the room you also have access to their spa and it is attached to the famous and beautiful New York City Cafe. Check out the hotel HERE. They have locations in other places as well.

Once we settled into our room we made our way to the New York Cafe for some lunch. Since this is attached to our hotel we were seated on the private balcony overlooking the dining room. Even if you don't stay at the hotel you can enjoy the Cafe. It is stunning inside and they have different musicians playing throughout the day. Check it out HERE

After lunch we made our way to the Citadella which is an old fort located at the top of Gellért Hill. We heard that this would offer the best view of Budapest and it did! The walk to the top is long so be warned but the view is worth it! We made it right when the sun was going down and really enjoyed watching the city light up at night! The fort on top is being repaired so we weren't able to go inside but we were able to walk around the outside. It had bullet holes, and patched walls from WWII which was both cool and eerie. Such history! At the bottom of the Citadella is a church inside the mountain. We didn't have time to go inside but if you do have time I would recommend check it out HERE. 

After we walked down we crossed the street to visit the Gellért Thermal Baths. Thermal baths are a Hungarian Tradition to visit so if you have time I would recommend checking them out. These baths are also attached to a spa so you can get massages, facials, and other treatments as well. The thermal baths are thought to have healing properties and are also a place to gather and socialize. This particular thermal bath over 8 baths all ranging in temperatures from 40 C to 7 C. You are supposed to alternate between temperatures to help close the pores and help the joints. The inside was beautiful with amazing tile work and beautiful fountains. I only took pictures in the main area but if you want to check out more click HERE.

We then made our way to a Ruin Bar. These Bars are built in buildings that were damaged by WWII. They fix them up just enough to be accessed safely and each apartment building in this particular one was a different bar. Each had a different vibe and it was a great social scene. 

The next day after having a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we made our way to the Castle District. If you only pick one area to visit in Budapest I would choose this one! There are a ton of attractions, museums, and photo spots all in one area. Some of these include Buda Castle, panoramic views of the Danube River, Fisherman's Bastion, and various museums. Entrance is free to the property but admission to the museums costs money. We didn't visit any museums as we were on limited time and would rather see the sites and architecture but if we ever go back we would visit them. The best view is seen from Fisherman's Bastion. The architecture is to die for and you get some great views of both the Buda and Pest side of the city. Check out the Castle District HERE. 

After we were done we made a short walk over to Chain Bridge which is the most famous bridge in Budapest. We were able to walk over and get some great pictures. Once we made our way over the the bridge we took another short walk to the Parliament Building. During our walk we saw some monuments, memorials, and Danube Cruise boats. The Parliament building has the most stunning architecture and looks great from all angles! You can buy tickets to go in but we did not do this. Check it out HERE. 

We then took another short walk to St. Stephen's Basilica which is one of the most famous churches in Budapest. We saw that you were able to go on the roof so we chose to do this. Be warned this is a long walk up to the top. They do have elevators though if you are willing to wait. The view from the top was amazing and so worth the small admissions price. Once we made our way back down we wanted to check out the inside of the church. Admission is free but they have a small suggestion donation. Once we entered the inside took my breath away! There was gold, and ornate carvings and paintings everywhere. Even more beautiful than Notre Dame! This was probably my favorite place we went to. Everywhere we looked we saw new sites and art. Check it out HERE.

We then made our way over to Vajdahunyad Castle which had beautiful courtyards, museums and vendors inside it's courtyards. We tried Hot Wine for the first time and it was surprisingly good! Right outside the Castle was a huge ice rink they were setting up for December! We weren't able to skate it as it wasn't open yet but I would recommend checking it out. A short walk from the castle was the Millennium Monument this is a beautiful Monument which also has a couple museums on either side of it. 

After this, we made our way back to our hotel for the evening. I took a luxurious bath in my tub and we had a lovely dinner at the New York Cafe.  Once again I can't say enough good things about our hotel. We were going to check out the spa but fell asleep instead.

Overall our trip to Budapest was amazing! It blew away our expectations and we are so glad we traveled there! I highly recommend Budapest if you are looking for an up and coming city to travel to that has so much culture and history. You won't regret it! 



Paris Travel Guide| Celebrating our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary!


Hey Guys!

My parents recently flew into England to spend 3 days in Paris with my Hubby and I. My husband and I wanted to go to Paris to celebrate 2 years of marriage and 10 years together so what better place to do it in than the city of love! If you didn't know, we are currently living in England for the rest of the year (Check out our House tour HERE). 

I wanted to share where we went, traveling tips, and photos from our trip. Enjoy!

Day 1: We flew out on a Friday afternoon on the airline Flybe. This is a low value airline since the flight was only an hour long. It was a great airline and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. When we landed in Paris we took a train to our hotel. We bought a travel card similar to the one we got in London (Check out my London Travel Guide HERE) so that we could ride trains, subways and buses as much as we wanted for the 3 days we were in Paris. The train was nice and clean and it only took 45 minutes! It was cool to see the scenery outside change from country to cityscapes! Once we got into the city it was a short walk to our hotel. We stayed HERE  and loved how close it was to the train station. I recommend staying there because of location, amenities, and atmosphere. It is also inexpensive! It is a bit noisy at night so if that bothers you than I would stay somewhere else. Hotels get more expensive the closer they are to the attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dome so we decided to stay in one that was not close to these. But we were only 20 min away from all of those attractions by bus or subway. 



After we settled into our hotel we went out for dinner. We went to a tiny place by our hotel and had the most delicious Italian dinner, wine and ice cream! I don't remember what the name was but everyone was super polite especially since we didn't speak French! After dinner we just went back to our hotel to rest up for the travels ahead. 


Day 2 was our busiest day. I planned for us to visit the Lourve, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triomphe. We ate breakfast at our hotel than took the subway over to the Lourve. It opens at 9 am so we wanted to get there early since it can get very busy. I HIGHLY recommend doing this so that you can spend less time standing in line and more time seeing beautiful art! The Lourve is very big and almost impossible to see all in one day so we planned out the exhibits that we really wanted to see in the 3 hours we planned to be there. We chose to see the Mona Lisa, Egiptian artifacts, Royal furniture through the years, and some jewels! The outside of the Lourve is so beautiful! I recommend going accross the street and standing on a big concrete block next to the road to get the best picture of the Lourve! The muesum is so beautiful and I HIGHLY recommend visiting it if you have time. There is also a mini Arc outside that frames the big Arc in the distance! 

After the Louvre we had a quick lunch and made our way to the Arc De Triomphe. This is a beautiful are full of many streets with shops, restarants and street vendors. As we were taking pictures in front of it we noticed you could go on top. We weren't planning to go to the top but realized the line was only 10 min long and decided to do it. I am so glad we did because the view was incredible! You can see everything and even the Eiffel Tower! We didn't plan on going up in the Eiffel Tower because we heard the line is hours long so I highly recommend going up in the Arc instead! Especially since you can see the Eiffel Tower from the top! It makes for great pictures! This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. 

After the Arc we stopped for some drinks and snacks than made our way to the Eiffel Tower. Even though I have seen the Tower in pictures it takes your breath away in real life! It is huge and truly magnificent. The line was so long to get to the top so we were so glad we went to the top of the Arc instead. You can buy tickets for these attractions ahead of time but we decided not to do this just in case the lines were still long. We didn't want to waste our limited time waiting in line. We instead wanted to walk and see as much as possible. I highly recommend getting a picture from under the Tower, and from both sides. Honestly any angle is beautiful!  We than walked accross the street to a large stone staircase and saw the tower light up. It glitters every hour for 15 minutes starting at 7 pm and it took my breath away! I had to stop and take a moment to refelct because I was sitting in Paris, eating Macaroons, and watching the glittering Eiffel Tower in front of me. It was truly magical! You are allowed to drink anywhere in Paris so if I ever went back I would bring a bottle of wine and a blanket to the park right under the tower and watch the tower sparkle. Don't miss it!

Just like hotels, the closer restaurants are to main attractions the more expensive they are so we decided to walk a bit before finding an "American" restaurant. After that we went back to our hotel to rest up for our final day. 

Our final day was Notre Dame day. We headed over to it and it is so beautiful. It is by a canal and some truly beautiful buildings. We went inside and words can't describe how gorgeous it is! It is free to go in and since we went on a Sunday there was a mass we could join. The stained glass was beautiful and it was cool to learn about the history of Notre Dame. Did you know it was the church that started the Gothic architecture movement? After that we walked around the art district and went to a street cafe. Paris has a ton of little cafes that have the yummiest sandwiches and coffee. We then walked along the canal in front of Notre Dame and checked out some of the vendors. I bought and painting of Paris by a local artist. If you want a unique souvenir or gift I highly recommend checking out the art. 

We than decided to just walk the area and stumbled upon some other beautiful cathedrals, cool buildings, and souvenir shops. After that we headed back to the train station and flew home. Paris was truly magical and I am so glad I got to experience it with my Husband and Parents. 

I also wanted to quickly show you my gifts I received for my 2 year anniversary. I got some BEAUTIFUL flowers from Home Bargains  and they lasted for almost 2 weeks! That is far longer than any flowers I have ever gotten! Check them out for your next bouquet! 

Our Wedding | 10-10-15 | Happily Ever Hanneman!


Hey Guys!

I wanted to finally share my wedding with you guys. Just in time for my 2nd wedding anniversary! We waiting a while for our wedding photos and then life got in the way but I am finally sharing the details! 

My husband and I had been together for 8 years at the time of being married. We will be celebrating 10 years together this year as well! We are high school sweethearts and have been together since we were 15 and 16 years old. We are best friends and our families love both of us so much and our friend group is also full of high school sweethearts! Check out their weddings HERE and HERE.  This year we bought our first house and moved to England (temporarily, check it out HERE) We are truly so blessed!

When I first got engaged I , like most women, had my whole wedding planned out on Pinterest. Check out my wedding inspiration board and follow HERE. I honestly think Pinterest helped me plan my wedding so much as well as my shower. It is full of so many ideas and inspiration posts. I was immediately drawn to jewel tones for a fall wedding and wanted a peacock theme. I didn't want feathers everywhere so I wanted the theme to be inspired by the teals, purples, and greens of a feather. I added an accent of chrome for a more glam touch.

As someone who comes from a merchandising/ design background I found the process of picking out décor, lighting, flowers, and outfits so much fun! I bought a wedding planner from Walmart (Watch my Review HERE) and it honestly was the best $20 I have ever spent! It kept me so organized and had questions to ask each vendor as well as folders and check lists. I love it! Did I mention it was only $20?!?! 

The first step in planning a wedding is finding a venue. Once you have the venue then you have your date which is needed to book everything else. We already knew we would get married at my church so we wanted to find a venue in close proximity. I was looking for a hall with medium high ceilings so the room didn't feel too small or too big, a large dance floor, because my family and I love to dance, good food, and a nice bar. We finally found a place that was PERFECT! It had a great package and was beautiful! So we settled on the date 10/10/15. Our dating anniversary is 10/16/07 so we wanted an October date for that reason and because October is so beautiful!

Once we decided on the venue it was time to go dress shopping! I knew I wanted a strapless mermaid style for me and a long chiffon type dress for my girls. After trying on a handful of dresses at David's Bridal I found the perfect one! It was ivory satin with a sweetheart top, beautiful crystal detail at the hip and a little train. It fit me perfectly and was very comfortable. It made me feel confident and my husband loved it! For my girls we decided on strapless Grecian style gowns in a beautiful teal color. These gowns hugged their frames without being overly tight. They looked stunning!

After dress selection we moved on to accessories and veils. I decided to make my veil with my Grandma. We went to JoAnn's and choose a beautiful Ivory mesh with tiny crystals all over. We also purchased a tiny metal hair comb. We basically just spread it out on the floor, cut it into a circular shape then draped it how we wanted and sewed it to the metal comb. It was super fast and easy and I loved that I made it with her. Plus it saved me a ton of money! 

For my jewelry I wanted to wear a crystal necklace that hit around my collarbone. I found a beautiful one at Claire's in their wedding jewelry department. It fit perfectly and was super beautiful. Since I wore my hair down I wore simple diamond studs. I also wore an antique gold and blue ring from my Grandma as my "Something Blue." My garter on my leg was from Icing by Claire's and my shoes were beautiful silver kitten heels with crystals. I highly recommend not wearing high uncomfortable shoes especially since no one will see them. I only wore mine for the ceremony and then when my husband removed my garter, since they would show in the pictures. After that I wore white flip flops. Some people might thing that is tacky but I was happy and comfortable all night! I have also seen brides were white converse, or toms and I think that is so cute!

As for my girl's accessories, I chose beautiful peacock feather hair clips to go into their updos since the groomsmen were wearing peacock feathers as their boutonnieres. I also found gorgeous Australian Crystal necklaces for them to wear. I wanted them in iridescent crystals since they are stunning and would add visual interest to their looks.

As for hair and makeup, I got mine professionally done and my girls just got their hair done. I wanted my hair down in curls with a thick textured braid on one side. It was perfect. My makeup was glam but still natural since my husband likes natural. I had my signature cat eye with a smoky brown lid and neutral pink lips. My girls were in a similar look. Their hair was curled and put into an updo with a French braid on one side. I love how braids just add visual texture to any look.

As for my husband and his groomsmen , they wore dark gray suits, with vests under that matched the girl's dresses. My husband wore an off white vest and tie.

The ceremony was set to start at 2:30. The aisles and alter were covered in beautiful flowers and one of my Bridesmaids played our wedding song on the piano before we walked down the aisle. Right when I put on my dress I realized I had forgotten my slip that puffs out the skirt a bit at the bottom. No one could tell so I didn't stress and just went on with the show. Also right before I went down the aisle I took a big breath and my zipper popped. We were able to easily and quickly repair it though. Finally it was time for my Dad to walk me down. My husband looked so handsome and I of course cried the whole time.

We wrote our own vows which everyone loved and exchanged our rings through smiles and tears. It was a great ceremony surrounded by our loved ones.

After the ceremony we exited the church into a limo while our guests blew bubbles. The bubbles looked great in the pictures! I just picked up a box of 50 bubbles at Michaels! They were inexpensive and everyone loved them.  We then drove around and came back to the church for pictures. We moved onto another location to take more pictures that included a gray barn and a field.

Finally it was reception time! We made our entrance to Countdown by Beyoncé and our first dance was You and I by One Direction.

Our reception hall was more beautiful than I could have imagined! My florist took the flowers from the ceremony and decorated the hall with them. I had purple and teal up lights around the perimeter and a chrome tree with a peacock near the guestbook. I used a vintage brass birdcage as my cardholder as well. I found awesome peacock wreathes at Michael's which I layed down under some vases. The tables had chrome charger plates and the table runners and table sashes were teal with crystal accents. The head table had a silver sequins runner and backdrop. I highly recommend checking out stores like Michael's to add some unique decor pieces to your reception. Plus they always have great coupons! The wreaths I bought were less than $25 each with coupons and I kept one and have it currently hanging on my front door!

I also surprised my husband by getting a neon green, his favorite color, lit ice sculpture our guests could pour their drinks through! Everyone loved it! It was a nice added bonus and looked great on the bar.

Our cake was so beautiful I didn't want to eat it! It was a tiered cake with flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate peanut butter. Since that is our favorite flavor, even though we didn't have time to eat it. It was covered in a waterfall of beautiful orchids and had a chrome "H" on top. It was perfect!

Then it was onto my favorite part of the night, Dancing! Our dance floor was full the entire evening as I asked the DJ to play the perfect mix of 80's, 90's, and Top 20! I didn't have time to drink, socialize or really eat any cake because I was having too much fun dancing. It was definitely a night to remember.

As the evening wore down and guests left we had our final dance as a wedding party to Applause and You & I by Lady Gaga. The Groomsmen were then allowed to smash the ice sculpture outside (which they loved).


We went back to our hotel and left for our Honeymoon on Monday. Let me know if you would like a Hawaii Travel Diary! 


Our wedding day was as beautiful and perfect as I could have imagined! We are both so blessed to have so many family and friends helping us along the way.

 Also leave any wedding related questions below. I would love to answer them.


London Travel Diary| 2017


Hey Guys!

Recently my Hubby and I took a day trip to London and I wanted to share some of the pictures and tips on traveling! We actually walked over 28,000 steps and over 12 miles! We saw a lot of the city but of course not all of it. It was supposed to rain all day so we prepared but it actually ended up being beautiful!

My husband and I currently live about an hour outside of London so we decided to take a train into the city. Driving would have been a nightmare so if you are traveling from the outskirts I highly recommend taking a train. We traveled into the Waterloo station which was very big, clean, and right next to the city. We just had a short walk over a beautiful bridge and we were in the city next to all of the historic places. Not to mention the bridge had BEAUTIFUL views while walking over it.

Before walking over the bridge we passed the London Eye. This is the giant ferris wheel that offers amazing views of the river and city skyline. We didn’t go into it on this trip. My sister who has been to London before went in it and said it is nice but to be warned it is pricey and can take a long time to go all the way around. So plan your time accordingly. 

Once across the bridge we made our way towards Chipotle! This is my husband’s favorite restaurant in the states and when he found out there were a few in London he made it his mission to track down! Since it was lunchtime and close to where we were I happily obliged and we had a nice lunch. After lunch we walked into a busy square full of people and also had people in Pikachu, and Yoda costumes that you could take pictures with. There was also a HUGH monument with lions that a ton of people were sitting on to take pictures with. It also provided a distant view of Big Ben which was cool. 

Big Ben is starting to be renovated for a while so we made our way over to it. It had scaffolding almost all over it but the top part was still uncovered. This renovation is supposed to last until 2021. Big Ben is attached to Westminster and let me tell you it is big and beautiful! Even with scaffolding all over it was amazing to see the size and beauty of this piece of architecture. You can buy tickets to tour the inside but we chose not to do that. We focused more on walking around and seeing the outside of buildings since the weather was so nice. After that we walked to Buckingham palace. This is quite a long walk away from Big Ben so be prepared. There are many buses that go to all of the main tourist spots so if you aren’t able to walk long distances I would recommend looking into them. My husband and I actually bought a London Travelcard which allowed us all day access to the Subway, Busses, and trains all over the city of London. It was so worth it and I HIGHLY recommend getting one. Check it out HERE.

Buckingham Palace was breathtaking ! The golden gates were gleaming in the sun while the red soldier marched in front of the palace. It felt like we were in a movie! There is also a beautiful monument outside of the Palace made of gold and marble. Picture tip: If you want a nice selfie with the Palace climb to the top of the monument and take one from up there.

After walking through a park we stumbled upon Chinatown. I thought it would be more like the Chinatown I hear about in NYC with shops and souvenirs but it was all restaurants. We weren’t able to eat at any but they all looked delicious. Also while in Chinatown we stumbled upon M&M world. It is a 3 story store full of everything M&M’s. It was very crowded but very cool to see. One thing I noticed while in London was there were many restarants but not many souvinier shops. I remember seeing maybe 2 shops which is very different from the US because many tourist destination places have souvinier shops everywhere. 

After a quick Dinner at All Bar One (which was delicious) we made our way to the Tower of London. According to my husband this was where people in Medieval times were tortured. Once we made our way over we found that it was a beautiful castle like structure. We didn’t go in this time but we plan on going in on our next visit. A short walk from the Tower of London is Tower Bridge. This is one of the iconic bridges of London. Along the water are different restaurants and boats you can take through the river. It as too cold that day to do this but it would make a very romantic evening out. After Tower Bridge we had been walking around for about 8 hours and decided to head back home.

The best thing about London is all of the amazing things within a short distance. Also the amazing public transportation is an added bonus. All of the history and architecture is fun to see and learn about. I feel that it is very hard/ impossible to see London in 1 day but if you plan your trip with the must see places and rely on public transportation I think you can see much of it in 1 day or even a weekend.

English House Tour+ My Travel Essentials| What To Pack for International Travels


Hey Guys!
If you don't already know, the Hubby and I have temporarily moved to England until the end of the year! We are so excited to have this experience and I can't wait to share it all with you! Traveling and packing can be such a stressful time so I wanted to share some of our favorite things we packed as well as useful things! I am sharing my favorite walking shoes, packing essentials and all the tips and tricks we are learning along the way! If you haven't seen my English House Tour Video check it out Below. 

Packing Tips: What to Bring

If you guys have done any international traveling you know how long and painful the process can be. Hubby and I actually had a delayed flight out of America which caused us to miss our London flight. In total what was supposed to be only 7 hours of flying turned into 10+. It was a long and exhausting process but since we packed useful things we didn't run into too many problems. 

My Airplane Essentials: 

Since you are stuck on an airplane for hours I HIGHLY recommend bringing things to entertain, help you sleep, and snacks! They might have snacks on the plane but from my experience they are either expensive or gross! We also always buy bottled water before we head on the plane so we can stay hydrated. You can also bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up after security if this works better. 

Always make sure you pack everything in your personal bag or carry on that you will be needing on the plane. I like to bring a laptop bag or a giant tote bag. I organize my items inside using cosmetics bags in order to keep everything together. You want these bags to be sturdy and secure. Check out my bag picks below. 

Inside your bag you want to make sure you have all your neccessities to make traveling as easy as possible. In my bag I usually have my passport in a cute case, headphones, portable charges, snacks, neck pillow, and throw blanket. I also keep things like hand lotion, Advil, a good book, and over night toiletries. Check out my picks below.

I also receommend traveling in your most comfortable clothes possible. Comfortable does not mean sloppy. I think you can look put together and stylish withough wearing giant sweatpants, and ssweatshirts. My go to airport outfit is usually a pair of black leggings ( the ones below are my absolute FAVORITE), a loose tee, a bralette, and a light sweatshirt or jean jacket ( I linked 2 below under $100!) Also did I mention comfortable tennis shoes? I recently bought THESE shoes from Sketchers and they are so cute and comfortable! I feel like I am walking on clouds everytime I wear them! I also receommend any tennis shoes that fully support the foot and can stand up to all the walking you will be doing. Check out my picks below. 

It is also very important to have sturdy, reliable luggage that will last more than 1 trip. You also want to make sure your luggage is tagged clearly with your information in case it gets lost. One of my tips is either to pick a luggage set or luggage tags that stand out so you can easily find your luggage on carousel. See my picks below.

Since my husband and I are staying in England for over  4 months we had to pack a lot of clothes including a lot of bulky clothes. In order to get these to fit into our suitcases we bought vacuum sealed bags. These were a life saver and helped fit everything in our luggage! They also have sets where you don't need a vacuum which is perfect for all of your vacations! Another thing you can use is packing cubes. This again compacts the clothing in your suitcase in order to utilize all the room. Check out my picks below. 

The most important thing to remember when traveling is to not stress, enjoy every moment, and relax. Don't worry about things you can't control and have as much fun as you can when you get to your destination! 

Let me know down below what your travel tips and tricks are! Stay tuned for more posts from our England stay.

XOXO Channing

How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation| Fort Lauderdale Girl's Trip

Hey Guys! I recently returned from a girl’s getaway with my sister to Fort Lauderdale Florida and wanted to share some pictures as well as tips on how to pack light but effectively! Make sure to follow my Instagram HERE to see our amazing pictures as well as pictures of my future trips! Hint Hint…

My sister and I have never gone on a vacation just the 2 of us so we decided to go somewhere tropical, inexpensive and “close.” Now when I say close I mean within a 2-3 hour plane ride since we live in Ohio. Fort Lauderdale is perfect because it is a change of pace from Miami or Orlando but one can still get inexpensive and quick flights from almost anywhere in the country. We actually stayed in the city Lauderdale by the Sea which is a more relaxed small town vibe. We loved it! We stayed at this BEAUTIFUL Mexican themed motel that only had about 13 rooms and each one had a kitchen, courtyard and was poolside! I HIGHLY recommend it and you can find out more information about it HERE.

This area is perfect for a couple, a family, or just some friends if you are looking for a relaxing, quiet vacation. I wouldn’t recommend Lauderdale by the Sea if you are looking for nightlife, clubs, or a ton of restaurants. Overall the trip was awesome and I didn’t want to come home!

My sister and I chose to fly a budget friendly line since we are budget girls and the flight was only 2 hours long. When flying budget many of those lines charge for every little thing. The airline we flew allows each person a free personal item which can be a backpack or purse but charges for a carry on suitcase or a checked bag. Our airline was cheaper for a checked bag so we shared 1 suitcase to save money then stuffed as much as we could in 2 backpack/laptop bags. The nice thing about tropical vacations is that the clothing you pack can be minimal and lightweight. I also recommend checking a bag versus carrying on because you can get away with packing bigger liquids if needed.

So with all that said here are some tips I learned from this trip!

1.       Pack light! My sister and I were in Florida for 5 days and 4 nights and tried to pack an outfit for each day and night. This was a HUGE waste of space and time. We ended up just wearing the same bathing suit cover-up everyday so we didn’t need the other 2 that we packed. I usually just bring a maxi dress as a cover up that is lightweight so it can dry overnight either in your room or outside. Also, I packed 3 pairs of shoes ad only ended up wearing 2. I always wear tennis shoes on the plane so those weren’t in my suitcase but I packed a pair of flip flops for the beach and “nicer” sandals for at night. I never wore the nicer sandals because I wore long dresses every night so you never saw my feet. My sister packed a few pairs of nice sandals and never wore them so my advice is if you need to bring a pair make sure they can match all of your outfits. Also on the lighter note, you don’t need to pack all your makeup. Whenever I go on vacations especially if I am going to be in the water or outside a majority of the time I try to give my face a break from makeup. I only usually pack eyeliner and waterproof mascara. I don’t wear this in the water but I do wear it out at night to make me look a bit more alive. But don’t forget your skincare!


2.       Multiple use items. Since we were staying at a motel on the beach we were obviously going to the beach every day and needed a bag to pack water, sunscreen, towels, and other necessities. Our room also had a full kitchen so to save money we would eat breakfast and lunch inside it. So I brought a large sturdy canvas tote with me in my backpack that we could not only use as a beach bag but also to lug groceries to and from the store. It came in handy and once folded up it didn’t take up much space at all! Check out my top picks for beach bags below.

3. More bags. Speaking of bags, I would NOT recommend bringing a huge purse you use every day at home or a clutch. I usually bring my trusty Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag since it is the PERFECT color, shape and size to wear during the day or at night. Also it goes with EVERYTHING! When I fly I just tuck it into my backpack and pull it out at my destination. It is a serious lifesaver! Check out my favorite cross body bags below. I also recommend for designer bags sent straight to your door every month! You can get your first bag for only $36 with code “BAG20” HERE. I am getting the cutest cross body from them and can’t wait to show you!

4.       Money. Whenever I travel out of state I ALWAYS make sure to call my credit card companies to let them know where I will be and when. You don’t want to be away from your bank and have your card be declined or put on a hold because they think your activity is “suspicious”. I also always bring a lot of cash that way I can leave tips at restaurants, in Ubers, and also not have to swipe my card. It also helps you keep track of exactly how much extra you are spending and makes you double think your purchases. During our trip my sister and I only spent extra money on food and drinks. We didn’t buy any unnecessary souvenirs or impulse buys because they would have gone to waste. We ended up saving a ton of money! Also if you want to save more money and are of age make sure you go to Happy Hour at restaurants! Usually this is from 5-7 and drinks are a reduced rate so you can order a couple (or more, no judging) and sip on them while you eat and people watch and save some cash!

5.       Have fun! The last tip I have is to enjoy yourself! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to pack everything from home and also trying to look cute and put together every day. You are on vacation! Try to relax, unwind, pamper yourself and even unplug! Your hair, skin, and soul will thank you!


P.S Don’t forget the sunscreen and water!


What is a traveling tip you like to use? XOXO

Meet the Mueller's Wedding| 2016

Hey Guys!

This past weekend the Hubby and I were apart of another wedding. The 3rd in our 9 month series. The final couple in our trio of High School Sweethearts got married. My Husband was the Best Man and I was a Bridesmaid.

The weekend was supposed to be a rainy hot mess but it turned out to just be hot! We were hoping for no rain and our wish was granted!

The girls started the morning off at the hair salon. We arrived and ate a yummy spread of bagels and mimosas and moved on to hair. We all received updos after our hair was curled. They were very pretty and comfortable and perfect for the hot day ahead. The bride also had an updo but hers was slightly different. She also included a rhinestones clip in the back to tie the look together.

After hair we all did our makeup. The bride wanted our eyes to be a mix of pinks and browns. I used this trio from Wet N Wild (HERE) and it worked great! I then applied some false lashes to complete the look (HERE). We then made our way over to the Bride's house to get into our dresses and see the Bride for the first time in her dress.

Our dresses were Navy knee length strapless lace numbers from David's Bridal (HERE). They were so cute and I can't wait to wear mine again! The night before, the Bride gave each of us an Alex and Ani bracelet, my first, to wear (HERE). The bride's cousin made our necklaces as well as the brides and they were STUNNING! Check out her Etsy shop (HERE).

Finally after we were ready it was time to see the bride. She emerged in a beautiful tulled strapless gown with a rhinestone belt. It was such a princess moment! She had on a multistrand pearl necklace and looked absolutely beautiful! She also wore lace TOMS shoes that I thought were perfect (HERE).

We all then made our way over to the venue. The ceremony was to be held outside under an arch covered in flowered vines.

The reception was being held inside a barn with access to the outside where yard games like Jumbo Jenga, Cornhole and Connect Four were set up. There was also the cutest vintage trailer turned bar outside on the patio.

The groomsmen wore linen colored suits with navy vests. It was too hot to wear the jackets though so they just wore their vests. Their boutonnieres were mini versions of our bouquets. The flowers were a mix of white, orange and hot pink which popped perfectly against our navy dresses.

The décor inside included navy and white striped table runners, and ribbon lanterns made by the bride. The food was a delicious mix of pulled pork, mac and cheese, and green beans. Once we all made our entrances and ate it was time to dance and drink!

Overall the wedding was so much fun and beautiful! The day turned out great and I can't wait to see the professional pictures!

Now the Hubby and I can have a much needed break from being in weddings :P


Put-N-Bay Island Bachelorette Party!

Hey Guys!

Another day another Bachelorette Party! I promise soon I will post my Wedding Activities! I just have so many more pictures to weed through :)

Anyway, this past weekend me and 8 of my girlfriends traveled to Put-N-Bay which is basically a party island in the middle of Lake Erie. I have been a couple times before so I was pretty familiar with the area. The great thing about the island is you can walk everywhere so no need to worry about being a DD or paying for taxis everywhere! Also the island is full of young people having fun so it is a great atmosphere for fun and happiness! I always enjoy my time on the island mostly because I love people watching :P

We arrived Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The weather was supposed to be cold and rainy but it turned out to be just a bit chilly with no rain! Awesome!

Once we arrived on Friday we changed into our little black dresses and headed out to dinner. I love little black dresses because they always seem to show off each girls personality. Here is the one I wore (HERE). It is the black and long sleeved version of the one I wore for my own Bachelorette. I love body hugging dresses that go to my knees because they show off my body without showing off too much skin. I also wore black sandals with studs on them because I just don't do heels. I am too tall already and I like to be comfortable. I also wore my hair down and straight and added a nude pop to my lips with this lipstick (HERE). I love it so much and it lasts all night! I got it in my IPSY (HERE) bag and really want to buy the full size.  The bride wore an AMAZING neon pink dress that looked stunning on her!