My Pregnancy Journey: 3rd Trimester Recap || Must Have Products!


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Today I wanted to share my 3rd Trimester journey and all the products that helped get me through it.

The 3rd Trimester brought me many challenges, especially health wise, that I will touch on but overall this entire pregnancy has been wonderful.


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While my first 2 trimesters were very mild compared to other pregnant women I have talked to, my 3rd basically made up for that. It seemed like all the symptoms I was missing out on all came together at once which made my pregnancy feel very real.

Up until about week 28, I still wasn’t showing, so I didn’t quite feel pregnant yet. That all changed at week 29 when basically everything hit the fan. I woke up one morning before work and just felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was but figured it was just a normal pregnancy symptom. I got ready and took my dog on his morning walk just like I do every morning. I was abnormally hot during the walk which is unusual for me since I am always freezing and when I got back to my yard a blackness came over my eyes and I almost passed out. I had to sit for a while before it went away. I decided to head into work but had to leave early because I just felt run down and not myself. I went to the doctor the following day and they determined that my blood pressure was the cause of this. It was 90/60 I believe which is low. I have always had low blood pressure and it usually gets higher during pregnancy but mine wasn’t doing that. My doctor suggested compression stockings, Gatorade, and water and my symptoms seemed to improve the next couple of weeks.

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BUMPDATE// I haven't really shared a Bumpdate so I wanted to share one after my 32 week Dr. Appointment today. • About 4 weeks ago things took a minor turn. Before that, my pregnancy was smooth sailing and very mild compared to others. • I started having dizzy/black out episodes, feeling faint and overall not myself. • Turns out my Low Blood Pressure was still low even during pregnancy (about 90/65) and this was causing my symptoms. • I was also diagnosed with Anemia which didn't help my energy levels.• I was in a minor car accident due to my symptoms so my Husband and I decided it was time for me to stop working. • It has been a blessing being able to rest and prepare for little man. • About 2 weeks ago at my routine doctor appointment, my doctor was a little worried that I was measuring small. • She ordered another ultrasound that we had today which confirmed that he is actually right on target for size and weight and its just me who is small. • These extra 24 pounds (4 of which are little man) are taking their toll on my back and I am having some major round ligament paim, but just watching him move around in my belly makes it all worth it• I am so truly blessed I get to experience this journey and can't wait until we meet him soon 💙💙💙 . . . . . #ltkbump #bumpdate #32weekspregnant #pregnancyjourney #ohioblogger #clevelandblogger #clevelandbloggers #liketoknowit #clevelandmom #ohiomom #momtobe #bumpviews #liketoknowitbaby #liketoknowitfamily #firsttimemom #pregnancyupdate #ultrasounds #pregnantjourney #maternity #8monthspregnant #itsaboy #boymom

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A couple weeks went by and I was out and about for work and all of a sudden I got hot and dizzy again. I didn’t want to be stranded at work so I left early to beat the traffic and to go home and lie down. Well, I ended up crashing my car into the pole in my garage (still not sure how it happened) and at this point my doctor, husband, and I decided I needed to rest and start working part time. When I brought this up to my boss, she didn’t agree and basically said the next day would be my last day. It was bittersweet, but being able to rest and prepare these last 10 weeks has been a blessing. We also got to have 3 ultrasounds instead of the normal 2 because Little Man was measuring small. I can’t say I was surprised since I wasn’t really gaining weight and didn’t have a belly for all the the 2nd trimester but I am happy to report Little Man is right on target and it is just me who measures small. My doctor isn’t worried though because I am tall and have a long torso and she decided this is just how my body grows.


Because of these symptoms, I went in for some blood work and they found that my levels were low and I had anemia. This mixed with my blood pressure that was still low, and the sweltering summer heat, was not a good combination on my body. I had to go on Iron pills and take it easy but I am happy to say as of today (38 weeks) I rarely get the dizzy spells, and spend my days preparing for baby boy’s arrival and resting, or at least attempting to rest.

Another symptom that has made a huge impact on my everyday life is back pain. I have scoliosis and having a giant belly isn’t making that pain any better. The pain impacts my sleep, walking around, and even just sitting. I finally purchased a weight belt to help redistribute the weight from my belly and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. I also spend alot of time laying on an ice pack. I try to only take Tylenol when it is excruciating but I am just counting my blessings knowing that the pain could be alot worse.


I am still struggling to sleep on my side. Pretty much every position hurts my back or my legs cramp up or my arms fall asleep. I did cave and get a pregnancy pillow and I will say it has helped alot. Some nights I sleep for 10 hours straight no problem, while others are filled with pain. I think this is just a normal pregnancy thing but I do recommend getting a pillow.


Now onto the positives. I am IN LOVE with my belly. I rub it, stare at it and show it off constantly. Everyone calls it my basketball because it is so small and round. Everyone is so nice when I go out and about running errands which is a definite perk when you are finally showing. I will admit I am not looking forward to losing my belly as I have grown to love it. I love watching Little Man move around and let me tell you, he is one active boy! They say the further along you go the less they move but my guy likes to challenge that as he is constantly moving and kicking me in the rib cage and bladder.

His head is down which is awesome and his heartbeat is super strong every-time we go to the doctor. I was checked at 36 weeks to see if I was dilated and I was at a 1.5 cm. I could feel something happening that week indicating that he was “knocking” at the door. I had lightning crotch which is a terrible name but that is what it felt like. The doctor said it is basically his head hitting my cervix and it feels like a bolt of lightning down there. It has gone away and been replaced by period like cramps.


These come and go and aren’t consistent but I think Little Man is coming soon. Hubby and I are pretty much prepared as we have installed the car seat, cleaned my pump supplies (which I HIGHLY recommend doing before baby comes) and the nursery is finished. All his clothes are washed and organized and put away and my hospital bags are packed.

Check out my what I packed in my Hospital bag HERE.

Check out the breastfeeding storage kit I recommend HERE.

We have chosen a name but aren’t telling anyone yet just in case we change our minds.

Overall, even with all the “problems” I had this trimester, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel so beautiful being pregnant and even though I am so excited to meet our little guy, I know I will miss this short period of my life.

What's in My Hospital Bag| First Time Mom Essentials


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share what I am packing for myself and Baby Boy for the hospital. I will be doing an updated post on what I actually ended up using as well. If I forgot anything important please let me know in the comments below. As I am writing this I am 36 weeks pregnant and 1 1/2 cm dilated! My doctor and I are both guessing he will come about 2 weeks early which is crazy!


My Husband and I decided we are taking a carry on for me, a backpack or duffel for him and a tote bag for my pumping supplies. I will link as many of the exact products below as possible just in case you are interested in anything.

I will also have a video on my Instagram Stories under “Baby Things” showing me packing my bags and more in depth information about everything so check out my Instagram HERE.


We don’t plan on really taking anything for the baby since the hospital provides everything so we are leaving his diaper bag at home. I have also heard to bring an extra empty canvas bag and folder to take home all the supplies from the hospital you can (you pay for them so take everything) and to keep all the paperwork you get inside.



I didn’t end up packing my husband’s bag (he did it himself) but it basically includes clothes, blankets, pillow, chargers and toiletries. Nothing special.

I have also heard to bring snacks for you both just in case the kitchen is closed as well as gum, mints to suck on and change for vending machines.

Let me know if there is anything essential that I forgot! XOXO Channing

Breastfeeding Made Easy Featuring Kiinde Twist Set| Storage, Warming, and Feeding


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share some products from the brand Kiinde to help other Mom’s like me on their breastfeeding journey. I will also have a code at the end to get a FREE breastfeeding starter kit so please stick around. I also have a video on my Instagram under my “Baby” tab showing me unboxing the Twist Gift Set I will be talking about so if you would like to see my talk through please check out my Instagram HERE.


Let me share a bit of information on my breastfeeding journey. I am a first time Mom due September 21st and am very interested in breastfeeding. My goal is to breastfeed a minimum of 6 months and wean at about a year. This being said, I am not against formula, supplementing with formula or pumping and using a bottle to allow others to feed the baby. In my opinion, fed is best. I already have a pump, and I am very open to pumping and feeding from a bottle so my husband and family can help with feedings so I have been on the hunt to find a system that would allow this process to happen easily.


I have been looking for products that will help my breastfeeding journey and making it easier and Kiinde was nice enough to send me their Twist Gift Set. It is the perfect set to give a new mother or get for yourself. This set comes with everything needed to help with breastfeeding, formula feeding and even includes an attachment for food pouches when babies reach that age.


What I like about the Twist set is that it is a revolutionary system that allows me to pump directly into a pouch and then insert into a bottle for easy feeding. This helps to eliminate milk transfer, and helps to kept washing to a minimum since there aren’t any extra bottles or containers. This also helps to eliminate milk loss and exposure to germs. The set comes with different nipples depending on babies age also.


Check out the video below to see how the system works.

I also like that you don’t need a special pump to use this system. I have the Medela system and it works great with it! Many other popular pumps are also able to be used with this system which I think is amazing! I love that you don’t have to buy or use a specific pump to use the Kiinde system.

The gift set is amazing because it includes so many useful things from storage pouches, pump adapters, bag storage holder (which I love for space saving in the fridge or freezer), bottle warmer with timer, bottles, different nipple sizes, cleaning brushes, and a food attachment.


What I also love about the system are the Twist Active Latch Nipples that are designed to reward a deep latch so that baby learns proper latching. This helps to discourage a “lazy” latch and help the transition between breast and bottle.


Other things I like about the Twist set are that the pouches are recyclable, BPA, phalate, and PVC free which is very important. And everything is dishwasher safe which is great for this lazy Mom!

This system makes me very excited to start on my breastfeeding journey because I feel it will help me be more successful and reach my goals. I know breastfeeding will be a difficult journey and anything that will help me or other Mom’s is a Win Win! I will be a stay at home Mom, but this system would also help Moms who work outside of the home make the transition easier. Since there is less clean up, they have more time to feed and spend time with their baby.

If you are interested in the Twist Gift Set for you or a Mom in your life, Check it out HERE.


If you would like a FREE Breastfeeding Starter Kit, Check it out HERE


Are you a breastfeeding Mom or Soon to be one? What is your go to product to make the process easier? XOXO Channing

My Pregnancy Journey: 2nd Trimester Recap, Must Have Products!


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my 2nd Trimester and all the products I recommend to get you through it. The 2nd trimester has definitely brought along new feelings, new wardrobe needs, and a new energy level which I have enjoyed. I will have links to any products I recommend below as well as pictures to help you see them. If you haven’t ready my post about my 1st Trimester, Read it HERE.


I remember being at one of my first appointments talking to the nurse about how tired I was feeling and she said, “Just wait until the 2nd trimester, you will have all this energy and be so motivated” and I laughed thinking she was crazy. But she was right!

Probably at about weeks 16 weeks or so, it was like a veil was lifted and I suddenly felt like myself again. The energy and motivation came back and I felt like my normal self again. I didn’t feel like I was pregnant for most of the 2nd trimester because my symptoms disappeared and I wasn’t showing. It was so weird!

Up until about week 22, I was wearing my normal clothes. Some days I would get randomly bloated and this pant extender from Amazon was a real lifesaver. It fit right through my belt loops and is adjustable so I can use it through my whole pregnancy. This helped me in the transition to full on maternity pants when my belly wasn’t big enough to fill them out just yet.

Speaking of maternity clothes, as mentioned above, I didn’t really start showing until about week 23, My belly popped one day and it was amazing! I love looking at it and seeing the baby grow. I don’t plan on investing too much in maternity clothes since I feel like I still fit into all my normal tops, but I did pick up a few pairs of pants. The belt extender is great but once you enter the world of comfortable maternity pants it is hard to go back. I prefer pants with the full panel vs just side panels. I feel they stay up better, offer more support and are more comfortable.

The first store I hit up for maternity pants was Target. I decided to purchase 2 pairs of jeans from the Ingrid and Isabel Maternity line, 1 plain and 1 slightly distressed. I got my normal size as indicated on the label and at first they were a bit big in the stomach area but as my stomach has grown, they are fitting better. They have great stretch and are so comfortable for all day wear. You can also fold down the panel if you don’t want to wear it covering your belly all day.

The second store I went to was Walmart. They have an extensive line of maternity wear online and it is all so affordable. I needed to get some pants for work so I purchased the most comfortable black pants, maroon pants, and olive pants. They are all full panel over the stomach, inexpensive but still look and feel high quality. I also purchased a 2 pack of t shirts in white and grey that show off the belly. I wasn’t planning on getting any maternity shirts since I wear mostly loose tops any way that still fit but I wanted a couple tight ones just to show off sometimes. These are so soft and stretchy and wash really well.

I also recently attended a casual wedding reception and wore a red striped maternity dress ( see below) that is also nursing friendly and I loved it. It was super comfortable, midi length and showed off my bump without being overly tight. It also comes in Navy which I might pick up next.. Also it is less than $10!

Aside from maternity clothes, I have been on the hunt for nursing bras. I hate wearing bras in general so I was looking for ones that are Underwire free, easy to use and comfortable. So far I have purchased about 7 different styles from Leading Lady and am loving all of them. Obviously I haven’t used them for their intended purpose of nursing but they all feel super comfortable and I love the variety that Leading Lady carries. I have gotten a couple “normal” looking ones, sleep ones, and even some lacy ones. They also carry regular bras, nursing tanks, maternity leggings and shape wear. If you want to see my haul check out my InstaStories under 2nd Trimester for a more in depth look. Leading Lady has amazing prices already but if you want to save more, feel free to use code “LL80SAVE30” to save an additional 30%.

The most fun thing about the 2nd trimester is finding out the gender of your baby if you choose! My husband and I wanted to find out since the day the test read positive so when we went in for our 19 week appointment we were really excited. I felt like it was a girl and his guess was a boy. Obviously we both didn’t care either way as long as it was healthy. But we are having a…..BOY! We are both so excited to meet our little man and are currently in the process of picking a name and decorating his nursery. We had a small gender reveal dinner with our parents where we purchased a balloon and confetti set off of Amazon and popped it for them. It was really fun and everyone was so excited.


The other most exciting thing about the 2nd trimester is feeling him kick! I remember people telling me it feels like tiny gas bubbles, and you won’t know if it is the baby or not but I disagree. I remember feeling him for the first time and it felt unlike anything I have felt before. I was laying in bed and I felt this poke from the inside right next to my belly button. It caught me by surprise but I knew it was him. The rest of the night it was constant and ever since then he hasn’t slowed down. Many people told me it doesn’t get big enough to really see or feel through the stomach until the 3rd trimester but I have been catching him on camera and my husband has felt and seen him kick since about 20 weeks. Even at this moment he is kicking. He is one active boy! I love it though and any chance I get to touch him or watch him move around in there I do. It is amazing!


Now that I am at the end of my 2nd trimester I am slowly starting to feel the tiredness creep back in. I also have been getting Braxton Hicks contractions which feel crazy and tight but not painful. I find that if I stay hydrated they don’t come as often.

I have gained approx 10 lbs and my Dr. said little man and I are growing right on target. I haven’t been the best at doing my workouts but I do take at least 2 walks a day which is good.

Since my belly is finally starting to show, I have begun the transition from sleeping on my stomach to my side and it stinks! I don’t know how people sleep like that. I find that I am most comfortable on my back now which I have heard can be bad but I also heard the baby will let you know when it is time to roll over. Sometimes I wake up and my stomach is tight so I roll onto my side and then it feels fine.

Now I am in the process of organizing the nursery, preparing for my shower, taking birthing classes, and making my registry. I plan on writing a blog post about these topics so please leave your questions below. Also, let me know if you want me to write about anything else.

XOX Channing

Comfortable and Affordable Nursing Bras from Leading Lady Bras| Nursing Bras


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a nursing bra that is comfortable, stylish and also super affordable! As someone who is an avid non bra wearer I was a bit nervous when it came to looking for nursing bras. I thought they would all be big, bulky, unattractive and expensive. Boy was I wrong!

Leading Lady was kind enough to provide me with a bra from their extensive line of nursing bras and I was so excited to find one that I love! The one I chose is the Dorothy Bra which is wireless and comes in both nude and black. I hate bras with wires so when I saw this one was wireless I knew I had to try it.


Another awesome thing about Leading Lady Bras is that they have a wide range of sizes. The Dorothy Bra comes in band sizes 32 to 46 and from cup size B to DDD.

When I received my bra I immediately could feel how soft the bra was. It felt great on my skin and I didn’t notice any rubbing or uncomfortable tightness. There is room for me to grow since it is adjustable and the nursing mechanism on the straps is easy to clip and un clip but also stays secure when not in use.

I can’t wait to check out other styles that Leading Lady has to offer.

Don’t forget to get 30% off all items at with code “LL80SAVE30”.

This makes my bra under $20! Shop the Dorothy Bra HERE.

What are your favorite nursing items?

XOX Channing

My Pregnancy Journey: 1st Trimester Recap, How I prepared for Conception, Favorite Products


Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my latest journey! But first a little back story, My husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in October and also started on our journey to becoming parents! We decided that after 3 years, 1 house and 1 dog, we were ready to expand our family even more. Read on to find out how I prepared my body for conception, and all about my 1st trimester!


I had been on birth control pills for about 7 years so I decided to meet with my doctor before quitting cold turkey. She said after my latest pack was finished I could continue not to take them and recommended giving my body at least 2 months to rid my body of the pills and let my cycles level out. She also recommended I start taking prenatals about 3 months before we started trying which I believe helped some of my symptoms I will talk about later on. I heard that some prenatals can cause nausea and other side effects but I am happy to report mine are super yummy and don’t cause my stomach to hurt or anything! Check them out HERE. I have been taking them since about July and haven’t missed a dose yet! They are that delicious!


I also started changing up my skincare routine in preparation for pregnancy. I have acne prone skin so I used a lot of harsh products to help combat the acne. My skin was pretty much always clean aside from the occasional hormonal breakout which was nice. I switched over to gentle, all natural products that are pregnancy safe. I found this amazing website where you can search your skincare and find out how safe it is on a scale from 1-5. Check it out HERE. Since my skin was so used to medicine and now that my hormones are out of wack I will admit that my skin has never looked worse. I have acne all over my face, chest and back but instead of reaching for toxic chemicals I now use natural salicylic acid products which I hope will start to take effect as my hormones balance out in the 2nd trimester. Check out the products I recommend below.

I also started to work out more in preparation for pregnancy especially focusing on the arms and abs. I love the Popsugar Fitness videos on Youtube because they have all different levels and are FREE!


Now on to the 1st trimester.

My husband and I would track when I ovulated and I used the Ovia Fertility app to figure out when my most fertile days were. We tried for 2 months before becoming successful. I know some people say they can tell when they are pregnant but I didn’t feel any different. I took a test 4 days before my missed period because I was anxious and the test was positive! I recommend taking a test first thing in the morning because your urine will be filled with the hormones the test is looking for. I remember taking the test in the bathroom thinking it was too soon and not even telling my husband I was taking it. As I watched it I saw 2 lines starting to form and I remember looking in the mirror saying “No Way”. My husband was so excited and I immediately called the Dr. to get a confirmation appointment. I had my first appointment at 5 weeks where they confirmed.

Everyone kept asking me if I needed anything for morning sickness but other than being tired I felt great! Which worried me but I thought I should enjoy it while I could! My Mom had really bad morning sickness with me and my sister so I figured it would happen to me. At around 6 weeks, we told our parents and my sister. This is when the nausea started to kick in. I have only throw up maybe 3 times but I feel pretty nauseous all day. I gag a lot and feel sick if I over eat which sucks because I am constantly starving! I am also very tired and can easily sleep for 12 hours no problem. I attribute my lack of extreme morning sickness to the fact that I was taking my prenatals for a few months before conceiving. I read that this can help.

My top cravings so far have been:

-Chips (salt and vinegar and sour cream and onion)

-Cottage Cheese

-Mac and Cheese


-Soda Pop

-Neapolitan Ice Cream

I snack on saltine crackers when I wake up which helps the nausea go away for at least a little and I try to stay hydrated all day. I haven’t been working out as much as I would like since I am so nauseas but I do take my dog on hour walks daily which is great. I have also been drinking a lot of Ginger Ale to help my stomach and get rid of my pop craving since I am not drinking any caffeine.

My favorite apps to track baby’s progress are Ovia Pregnancy and The Bump. I also ready Dr. Oz’s “You Having a Baby” book which can be found HERE. I am currently on the hunt to read books about newborns and breastfeeding so if you have any suggestions send them my way!

Over all I have been very calm so far. I thought I would be all anxious about doing something wrong but I have read that as long as your eat healthy, move your body, and rest, the body will do the rest!

Now that I am in my 2nd trimester I am focusing on planning my baby shower, decorating the nursery and making my registry. Please let me know what products you recommend and what you don’t.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I share daily photos and videos from pregnancy related things, to fashion, beauty and my life!

XOX Channing